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Yay for babies! Congrats skinny love, pregnova, silly, and springmum! 
I love Calliope! I adore the name Beatrix! It is my favorite girl name. I wanted to name dd3 Beatrix but my dh vetoed it.   Beatrix (Bea) Margaret (Maggie) Matilda Hazel Genevieve (Evie)
I think this is it! Thanks! 
Congratulations Angel! Yay for another sweet babe! 
I have had 3 UBAC's after having 2 C-Sections. 
Exactly!!!    Micromama- I'd buy one!
Angel- Cute Halloween sweater! What pattern did you use for the little green cardi? I am still searching for the perfect sweater pattern. I don't know why I am having such a hard time deciding which one to use.    Chrissy! How have you been? A couple of weeks ago I was searching back through my old posts and found the threads where we were learning to knit.  My third baby was born while we were knitting the LTK Longies for the first time! It was fun to read about...
Angel- I am sending loving birthing thoughts your way!    Boston- How are you doing? I am sending you and babe loving birthing thoughts as well.   I am thinking of everyone; I hope you all feel better soon.   AFM: I have been MIA since the baby was born, but I hope to be on here more often now. Aspen is 11 days old and an absolute joy! We are having so much fun with her! She is never put down, there is always someone to snuggle her. I am finally feeling...
Micromama- I am so very excited for you!
Cindy- Aria is beautiful! I love babies in cloth diapers. 
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