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Welcome Grace and Simon! I am so excited we are having babies!
I am so very sorry. You and yours are in my thoughts. 
Congrats Hibiscus and Leigh Ann! Welcome sweet babies! 
I took a look at the pattern and it does look really hard on the hands. I'm not sure I am up to it right now.  It is just adorable though...
silly- here is the link to Dandy's blog http://adairpickle.wordpress.com In the past I used Burt's Bees diaper cream, but I am going to check out Cindy's recommendation.    Cindy- I hope you are able to get the rest you need. I am thinking of you. Yeah, knitting on my side was slow and painful.    Boston- That sounds scary. I am so glad you and babe are well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your career. I am in a place of rethinking my own career...
I am still here. I am officially off of bedrest today! Yay for me. I have been sitting on the couch knitting and I am tired out. I cannot believe how much sitting up is wearing on me after being flat in bed for a month. It can only get better though, right?   Dandy- I have been checking in on your blog and was so very happy to see an update this morning! Adair is just darling! He is getting so big. I am so very happy for your family. My oldest was born at 32 weeks...
Hmmm, the picture does not show the true color. It is lavender.   Undertheoldoaktree- What pattern is the cute little green cardi you posted a pic of up thread? It is super cute!
pregnova- I hear you on the lack of motivation. I have had months to knit for this baby and I have just finally found my mojo the last few weeks. I like the coffee bean cardigan.   Okimom- I would love to see pictures of your dd's project. That is so sweet of her!   Lisa- Start on a hat. I want to see pictures!   Undertheoldoaktree- Thanks for the suggestions.   Thanks for all of the kind words about the witch hat. I love it so! I finished the Emma Tunic...
I knit two little hats last week.        This is an adorable witch's hat. I know the picture sucks. I'm in bed so I am not taking any creative photos.    Next up:     A Pumpkin Hat!   I am about to cast on for the Emma Tunic I posted a link for in a previous post.   Does anyone know of a super cute cardigan pattern? I guess I am in a mood, but I just do not like any of the patterns I have. 
I am so sorry! I second the probiotics. I am taking them in pill form, and I do not really know how much to eat as far as diet goes. Hopefully someone else will have some experience to offer you.
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