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cathicog- thank you for your beautiful post! It was very reassuring and just what I needed to read. I have 4 young children and I homeschool them. I love the life we have and I also am finding it hard to balance my needs verses the needs of my children and husband. I am doing midwifery self study right now and I plan to take a CPR class next month and in March Karen Strange is coming to my state. I am hoping I can work things out so that I can attend her NRP class. I am...
For our insurance all we ever had to do was go online and add the babies. Give name, birthdate and gender. Then, once we had the SSN # we added it. Super easy.
Dooma- rebirth- Congratulations! completebeginnings- I am in your state, up in Utah Valley. I am so grateful licensure is optional here! My goals for this year: CPR class in February NRP with Karen Strange in March Buckle down with the self study thing Considering CBE. Is anyone here a Birthing From Within Mentor or working on becoming one? I think I remember that someone was...
We would love to as well!
Mistee- I am not an apprentice yet but I feel for you. I am very shy and quiet too. I can very well see this happening to me. In fact, I know that people I interact with now sometimes think this. It is hard and I have no answers for you. I like jessica_anne010's suggestion though...
Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma I'm not sure how much internet access I will have while there- why don't you PM me your name and # so I can save it in my phone for once I get there? Will do!
Maggie- I really want this one. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/druidcraft/ I looked at tons of different decks yesterday and this is the only one that grabbed me. Well, and this one http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards...c-tree-oracle/ but it is an oracle deck. cachet- off to read your blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma That would be cool!
Quote: Originally Posted by Moonprysm LDS is Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon. There are several of us here. lol Mormonism is a lot closer to paganism than I think most Mormons would like to admit. haha
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil Ok so I am about to get real crazy on y'all ... Lovers. I had the thought about a year ago that my own beliefs can be described as the Lover's Path. I was thinking how the religion of the Mother (Paganism) and that of the Father (Christianity) are united in my beliefs like lovers. They're married. And in my mind that brings a sort of balance. The world/universe/life can't and shouldn't lean on the feminine or the...
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