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I would love to win!!   My husband doesn't mind babywearing, but I think he prefers patterns that aren't too feminine!
If you go to meetup.com, there are a couple of AP playgroups in the area (one in Tacoma and one in Lacey).
Quote: Originally Posted by chely7425 I know I need to come see you guys more I am hoping to come to the diaper part Wednesday but I need to see if my mom can watch the kids since its bedtime and all... I don't know what is going on again. He is back to being not sure what he wants, apparently I expect too much of him because I want him to call us more than once or twice a week. Whatever, if he wants to be left alone I will leave him alone. I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by chely7425 Hey guys.. haven't posted on one of these threads in awhile but I could use some support! DH is deploying soon (his first real deployment) and it is causing some pretty big issues for us. We had decided I would come home during deployment to pay off debt and because we have 3 kids under 3 and he may deploy before the baby is born. But he had like a MAJOR freak out last month and asked for a separation and a bunch...
Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• (x-posted in DC metro Finding Your Tribe) Does anyone here have experience or links to birthing experiences and policies at Walter Reed or Bethesda Navel Medical Center? or if you have another MTF in the area that you do really like? Sadly but not surprisingly their websites do not go into policy and many options. I will be moving to the area at 20weeks and birthing twins in Jan. I am finding that no birth...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmgrimm Hi!! I am a mommy of 2 special needs boys and an Army wife going on 7 years...Plus I did some Army time myself! We are currently stationed at Fort Lewis and will be for who knows how long (well I guess the Army does). We have been stationed overseas (Italy and Germany), east coast (Belvoir and Drum) and the midwest (LeonardWood). The Army likes to move us every 18 to 24 months for some reason. I am at Ft....
We are on Fort Lewis. I'm not sure about Christian schools, as I have a teenager who is in a school of choice and 2 little ones not in school yet. I don't know about Yoga places, but the YMCA does them and there's another one in Tacoma that gets talked a lot about at LLL meetings. There's lots to do here when it's rainy - lots of indoor play places.
Just wanted to say I'm on Fort Lewis and if anyone wants to chat about the area, pm me! I really like it here! We've been here for 2 years now.
Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• oh and that "Award of Fatherhood" that i gave my DH as a way to tell him i am preggo.... i need to go get a cluster for it or something. http://www.adorkable.me/ += Awesome! Congratulations! It's almost time for R&R for us and we are all so excited. Things have been great for me lately and this deployment will be over before we know it!
Just skimmed the posts, sorry for not having more to say, but I just want to sub. Congratulations, Tabitha on your pregnancy! How exciting! We are 7 months into our deployment and have R&R coming up in a few weeks and we are all very happy about that and looking forward to it. This deployment has gone by pretty fast, but it helps that I've been so busy.
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