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Congratulations. What a beautiful family.
All these fast labors around here!     Adorable name. Congratulations!
So glad it went smoothly. Congratulations. 
Wow, big (and beautiful I'm sure) boy. Congratulations!
sounds very dramatic! Congrats!
I think you answered  your own question in your first sentence. It sounds like you have a great option with a midwife you like and trust and you have a history of postpartum hemorrhage in not one, but two otherwise low intervention births now. Given your previous complications, birthing without assistance seems a very unwise choice.   Congrats on your pregnancy.
  I think this is right on. It sounds like during the week you are home alone with her, but is your husband/partner around on weekends? Could he take over the bulk of her feeding and care on the days he's home so at least so you can get a break?   Also,  you did respond to my question abuot depression and I think it's great that you recognize that you are struggling with that. I really strongly encourage you to do everything possible to get yourself well, up to an...
A very timely reminder. Thank you. Too many mamas and babies lost to this awful condition.
Anna - Are you getting any counseling or support? Is your partner supportive?   Adoption is a major life change and can cause depression very similar to postpartum depression. Obviously your daughter's health issues have had to come first, but I worry based on your recent posts that you may need some more help coping with the adjustment to being her momma too. And don't discount the added stress of parenting a child with, what it sounds like are some special needs....
What Shonahsmom said.   I can understand you wanting some guidance on this but there are a lot of red flags there. Please talk to a professional.   I would also advise you not to keep that post up for long. MDC is openly searchable by anyone and a post with those key words is not something I'd want floating around on the internet. In addition, your DS is very young now but he won't be forever and god forbid he find that some day.
New Posts  All Forums: