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So, it's been three weeks and three days since I gave birth and I'm still bleeding. I came across an article while nak and read that if you're bleeding RED after a week you need to contact your health provider immediately. I'm still pretty red, though it's slowed down a lot and sometimes I can go almost all day without seeing anything, then I'll bleed a little and it'll last for a few hours, then stop again, etc. So, it's slowing down, but the colour hasn't seemed to...
And thank you all for the replies and congratulations! Breastfeeding has improved toooons! I'm not longer getting uncomfortably full and seem to be regulating and the latch is going much, much better! 
Here are a few more pictures!  
Ooh, I was due July 13'th, but here are my birth details: Tikhon, June 23'rd 2012, 6.6 lbs, 20 inches long, boy! Somehow I missed getting on this before! 
  Tikhon Semyonovich Kurlykov 3 kg, 51 cm (6.6 lbs, 20 inches) Born: 4:50 p.m. 23 of June 2012 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia   Weeeee! He's here!  He's lovely! I'm feeling really blessed right now!    On the 23rd I was bugging my husband to go to the supermarket (I think nesting hit me in the urge to cook an elaborate meal) -- I wanted to go to one farther away that would have required us to take a bus, but thankfully he talked me out of it. We ended up walking...
I'll be posting soon a birth story soon, but my son arrived on the 23rd! We just got home from the hospital this morning! 
I'm surprised too! I'm on another group on FB and toooons of the ladies in our DDC have had babies and some are in labour as I type this! I went in to my appointment the day before yesterday and they think I'll go within the next two weeks! We'll see! I do feel like I'm getting closer though! 
Well, I'm leaving the US on Monday (and dh and I have been discussing a lot of our gripes and loves with this place and the people for the past few weeks) and I can say there are certain general stereotypes that fit the majority of Americans, but after living in a few different states and travelling through a lot of the US, I can't say that I've ever seen what she's talking about -- perhaps on television, but not in any families I've ever known, so I think it's...
Awww, congratulations! I hope she's home with you soon! :)
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