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danielsmommy: When we were heating with woodstove only my kefir would not propagate properly. My sourdough also didn't work out. The temp fluctuations were too great. In fact, I came here to ask why my grains aren't growing. Could their past have damaged them?
I have floaters also. The cayenne wash sounds interesting. :
Doesn't the pulp actually contain the stem cells.
Minute Rice, Instant Mashed Potato Flakes, - and - does anyone remember that squeezable cheese in a tube? The name escapes me . . . . Me and the boys have fun when in the grocery store I point out the things my mom used to buy and actually thought it was nutritious food! Heh heh. They know about MSG and you should have seen their little faces when I pointed out (and read the ingredients of) "Accent". Yep, straight monosodium glutamate. My first born (adult...
Neem interrupts their growth cycles or something like that but it really works. I don't have the oil but do have some dried bark that I use on my plants, etc. and have been known to sprinkle on the dog-do in our yard to discourage the interesting developments from my neighbor's dog, Brownie (we call her Brownie the Baker and swear she is related to Johnie-Appleseed's dog). I just don't want to deal with anymore parasites. I can send some neem. Diatamaceous earth works...
It seems to me that salt is salt and the main thing you want to be looking for is an affordable price. At least that's how I chose mine after reading about them for more than a year. Home Hardware (if you have such a place) sells them for a decent price but may need to order them in. At least you don't pay shipping, etc. That's where I got mine and they are BEAUTIFUL.
Does she have a lawyer? If she needs Legal Aid she should begin the application process or look for a consultation. The MAIN thing : She MUST see her file. So that she knows what she is fighting against. Tell her to take notes AND bring someone with her so that she can take notes or the other party can hold the baby during their sessions. She is entitled to a copy of the EXACT allegations as they are written in her "file".
: : : : : : : : :
Please tell your sister to hold in there. We are behind you and her all the way.
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