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Well, you know, I made frozen pre-folds while I was pregnant but it was way too cold for me after birth! I had to wait until the ice melt a bit but then it was soaking wet in no time! It makes sense to have warmth as a healer. But maybe it's bad as it doesn't help with bleeding? Just a thought...
I love Chaya and don't find it hard to say
welcome, it's good to learn about nfl *before* having ur baby
You could buy a nice silk brocade ring sling in size large, so that you're sure it fits her. If she's smaller, she'll still be able to use it and will have a stylish long tail as a bonus!
Sora, what about waterproof training pants? We love them.
She's adorable! Congrats mama
Quote: Originally Posted by pannacotta i said i had to go to the hospital as i felt something was wrong. the m/w said i was acting as though i had the pain of transition. but i was 1cm. A mum should ALWAYS trust her intuition. You needed to go to hospital while most of the mums won't. Whatever the midwife says, always hear your inner voice first. Midwives can be wrong. I had a friend who lost her baby because she felt something was wrong...
I replied No and I've been bf for nearly 2 years now...
Yep, would be scared to leave my DD in nursery as well... I hope you'll find a solution. Maybe part-time work? And leaving your child with a friend? Good luck
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