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Personally, I wear my white Adidas everywhere and with everything. Skirts included. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned...other than the red Adidas I owned prior to the white. I wear a size 10 and my feet don't look big in them.
So, what do you think? A friend of mine just got the most recent Mothering mag and when I saw the cover, I asked, "What kind of cover is this?" And, she responded, "Oh! Did you see the last one?" She dug it out for me and I went a little pukey. (You know...how you puke just a little in your mouth, then swallow it back down?) When did Mothering get so mainstream? I really do not like the covers. It's like something Parents would do. (Actually, I don't even think...
I've been wanting to visit Penis Land for *years*! I'm glad they finally got a website!
Okay...I must admit I only clicked on this b/c I saw sohj's name. And, then, I saw all these names I haven't seen on MDC in for-ever. And, now I know why. :LOL Stupid thread bumping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla What I mean is, to me it's just "common sense" that when a newbie posts something potentially controversial, I'll post a "welcome, here are some of the basic rules of MDC" type of post. How are these "helper posting people" different from the average MDC member? Well, maybe with the helpers, we won't have to waste so much time reading: When did you become a mod? And similarly boring rhetoric.
Why would this be moved to Nutrition and Good Eating? Not much of this sounds very tasty and the loogy is definately not nutritous.
http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheacoby A friend of my dh's ate a huge loogy for $5. No more sharing for YOU! (and that guy got ripped off...that's worth way more than $5!)
I prefer the organs, personally. I also love to eat cooked blood.
What an interesting idea. I like Crunch Master, personally. I get visions of exercise...something I need to do more often. :LOL Granola Ambassador led me to think of Crunch Master. Or maybe Crunch Patrol. I like Granola Ambassador (can you tell?), I just think it has too many syllables.
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