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Thanks, Happy Happy Mommy
Anything going on In the Northeast TN area?? As in the Tri-Cities area or along the NC/TN line. I really need to know about any within 2 hours of Elizabethton/Hampton, TN ( location of my new residence-I love TN!)
My phone is 828-495-1110 & my entire practice is, now, officially & totally in Northeast TN. I moved about a month ago.
I just moved my entire Homebirthing Nurse-Midwifery practice to the Northeast area (in Butler, TN) of TN, after having practiced, intermittently, in TN since 1992.  I would really appreciate hearing of/from the Bradley Instructors in the area, too and all others that teach Consumer oriented Childbirth prep classes, too. Also, all API meetings & LLL meetings. Thanks!
The placenta from my last & 4th child (she is now 20 yrs. & 3 months of age) was in the freezer for almost 6  years. I am a homebirthing Certified Nurse-midwife who is also a long time ago homebirthing Mama of 4 children. So,the children grew up knowing all about birthin' babies, etc.  For the last one, she began asking lots of questions about it when she was almost 6 yrs. old, so I showed her in the freezer the doulbe bag that contained her placenta and asked if she was...
I will try to gather a list of crunchy mamas in the NE TN area. Some are clients that i have midwifed for (I am a licensed TN CNM) over the years. So, good to read & have the info of the LLL that meets the 2nd Sunday in the Tricities area.
David is coming back?! So, great to have him back I know at least this homebirthing CNM (me) will be happy to have him back! Yea, wonderful doc & I never heard anything about him being sued, he left to serve with the Doctors W/out Borders.
pinkbruise, I am, also, one of the Homebirth CNMs affected by the loss of supervising OB. I would contact the Virginia Commonwealth of Midwives or Midwives Alliance of North America for some names of midwives that may be able to assist you.  My Prayers for you & All others affected! Karen Benfield, CNM
hI, Miranda, Becoming a Homebirth/consumer oriented childbirth educator and/or doula will expose you to many midwifery texts. Also you can find many for sale through online book auctions, even those used in other countries, e.g. the United Kingdom, as Myles Midwifery is/was & still is one my favorites.  There are many other nurse-midwifery programs out there besides the one  at Eastern Carolina Univeristy, although, as  NC resident that one will be cheaper for you. Keep...
Quick update: Business from you Charlotteland folks is picking up, slightly. I have started, again, looking for some place really reasonable to rent a small office space in the upper North suburban areas, e.g Denver, NC.  Remember, if you come up to Hickory via Hwy. 16 (which all but about 4 miles) is now a 4 lane Hwy, it takes 50 min to  one hour from Hickory to downtown Charlotte. Karen Benfield, CNM, & Owner of BirthTender Midwifery
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