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This baby has been up for adoption for several months. He has a brain injury similar to my son's, and we've seen great results with Feldenkrais. My heart breaks for this guy; he needs a home already:   http://www.spence-chapin.org/adoption-programs/b2b_waiting_children.php?id=48
So this baby has been up for adoption for months--I wish we could adopt him, but my husband is not cooperating. anyway, his brain injury is very similar to my son's, and we saw amazing results with Feldenkrais. I'm going to XP in Adoption, but I thought I'd post it here too. Here's Theo:     http://www.spence-chapin.org/adoption-programs/b2b_waiting_children.php?id=48
ALL of that--all of it--sounds in line with Asperger-type behavior. My son is PDD-NOS (most likely Asperger's will be the final dx)--he spits and perseverates on words--he's also hyperlexic.    Whoever asked you if your kid was BP doesn't understand either BP or Asperger's. I am BP and I'm concerned about my other son (the NT one). BP kids cycle much like BP adults do, only they can cycle many times in one day. That's kind of oversimplifying, and I'm not a doctor,...
We had services in our home for three years, and never offered anyone anything. I feel like a jerk now.  I did clean the bathroom tho.    Having said that, I did occasionally pick up this or that from yard sales or the like if I knew our OT was looking for something, and I did send our PT flowers because we were so grateful for what she did for our son. 
There IS motivation at a job--the motivation to get paid, if nothing else, and other motivations which may or may not apply--the desire for praise, personal fulfillment, feelings of purpose and involvement...don't think that if a person doesn't "do" school they'll never learn how to be responsible.    I know you're not interested in unschooling--and I'm not advocating it for your family--but--it kinda sounds like that's what you're doing. I don't know any unschooler...
  I think that this can't be overstated. The voices and the cutting both--she's hurting and doesn't know how to help herself. I would ask her doctors if they think she's a danger to your children--as someone with mental illness yourself, you understand that it's a very small minority of the mentally ill who becomes violent and dangerous. 
Yes, my son has done very well with Feldenkrais--he should have CP today, but he doesn't. It could help your cousin, and it certainly wouldn't hurt.   
Show them this:   www.anatbanielmethod.com 
Anyone out there have a child with this? My five-year-old was dx'd with this today, and I'm wondering/researching options...
I used the Neutrogena Acne Bar at that age and it worked very well. I also used a salicylic acid toner (back then it was an rx, but now it's otc). 
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