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Is this a drop-off program? In my area, that would be very reasonable. To give you an idea, a similar program in my area is $30/day for a morning program, so that would be $360 a month.
Quote: I haven't read all the other posts so sorry if this was said, but if her birthday is in September she probably can't even go to kindergarten. Most states (don't know yours) have an August 31st birthday cutoff for Kindergarten. New York's is December 1st. I WISH August 31st was the cutoff here; I have late November babies and I hate the cutoff thing. Grrr.
Yeah, I gotta say--we're in New York, not New Jersey--our taxes may be among the highest in the country, but we've got some dynamite services. To agree with the other PPs--they may not have exactly what you were getting in your old state--frankly, it sounds like what they can offer you in NJ is more and better. What's nice about a special ed full day program is that the therapists can "push in" to the classroom, and the therapy isn't always happening in a vacuum, kwim?
Folks have said that before....I just don't see it. He's been evaluated by a dev. pediatrician, and autism wasn't discussed, probably because he's *very* engaged and social, esp. with peers, excellent eye contact, imagination, etc. He does have SPD as well, which would explain the rigidity, I guess. And he's getting zero OT right now, because it's so close to the summer.
Today was kind of a bad day. We had an OK playdate this morning--my son, D, had a good time, but he always has a very hard time leaving--so much so that I'd rather skip it, but he seems to enjoy it. Anyway, D was just dx'd ADHD a few weeks ago, and I'm still trying to understand what exactly about D is ADHD stuff. He has an impossibly hard time with transitions. He tantrums over the tiniest things (like turning right instead of left in the car). He has poor impulse...
Is there another kind of diagnosis they could give him? He's ADHD/SPD, anxious, etc.
How do you all do this? Did your insurance cover it? We need feeding help with our son; he has a very limited diet, constipation, sensory issues, etc...we're five hours away from KK but it's possible, we'll do it.
She's still pretty young; I'd say that I was still apologizing for them (not "he's sorry" but "I'M sorry"). Sometimes what works is describing the situation and asking her if she has a solution: "DD, your friend is crying because you pushed her. What do you think you can do to make her feel better?"
You mention that she isn't in school due to behavioral issues bordering on prosecution, and I wanted to throw out there that hypersexual behavior is a symptom of bipolar disorder. Being curious/interested in sex isn't hypersexuality, but looking up domination/submission stuff and having "ruffsex" with Internet strangers probably could be.
Quote: Originally Posted by HennyPenny it's nice that it came out naturally b/c it is a difficult line to now cross - suggesting someone's kid has something "wrong with them" ykwim? it can easily come out in a hurtful way. But it sounds like you did a great job of handling it! and good for you for being concerned and recognizing she is struggling b/c her son is having some issue and not just b/c she has can't hack it as a parent or whatever lol. it's...
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