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Quote: Originally Posted by choli In fairness, what exactly do you expect the school to do? It sounds like pretty much what can be done is being done, but your son continues to have violent episodes that target the teachers and administrators. What does she expect the school to do? THEIR JOB. A school doesn't get to wash its hands of the more difficult children, the disruptive, the disabled, merely because it's not convenient for them. The...
WOW, I'm so glad I saw this thread in the recent posts! I am 36 (gulp, feels SO WEIRD to write that) mother of twin boys, one with autism and the other newly dx'd ADHD. All of the reading I've done since his dx makes me realize that I have it too--inattentive type. And I've already learned that that makes sense from this thread, so yippee! I'm just starting to research treatment options, and I'm coming up kind of short. I see that fish oil is recommended, what else?...
Head banging can be developmentally appropriate for 2-year-olds, and she couldn't have caused what's going on with her gross motor function by banging her head, so don't worry about that.
What about this one? It looks more like a stroller than a wheelchair: http://www.spinlife.com/Sunrise-/-Qu...1077&template=
OH--I see by your sig that she's two. Call EI, tell them what's up--they'll send someone to evaluate your daughter.
Take a deeeeep breath. If your daughter is having weakness on her left side, the doc is concerned about a bleed or some other abnormality in her brain. Was her birth traumatic, was there anything unusual about it? How old is your daughter? Do you know how to contact the Early Intervention people in your area? Because regardless of what her brain looks like, the treatment will (most likely) be the same--physical therapy--and you can start that before getting the...
What's your dosage on the Zoloft? I've been taking it for a looong time and have had to have it adjusted every now and then.
Anybody out there with ADHD? How do you treat it? My son was just diagnosed, and after looking at some of the adult checklists I realize that I have it too. It's kind of a relief, but now I'm wondering what to do about it... I also have pretty significant depression, been on Zoloft for about 15 years now. I get PMDD as well, so I really, REALLY don't want to take any ADHD med that might cause depression, as some of them do.
Quote: Originally Posted by MattBronsil I'm guessing a thank you note to the teacher for trying to create a healthy environment is out of the question? It's not for the teacher to decide, IMO. I don't think it should be school policy at all what gets brought from home, unless allergies are in play. But yeah, I'd get some clarification. If they're going to be censoring snacks (and potentially making your son feel bad), I would want as...
That sounds a LOT like my son who was just dx'd ADHD. Demanding, inflexible, and could suck the fun out of just about every situation. We've had incidents very similar to the ones you describe--where the opposition would be comical if it weren't so upsetting.
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