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Quote: Originally Posted by Chakra According to the CDC the H1N1 has already peaked and is now seeing less cases. Do you have a url to back this up? I can't find anything on CDC's site to support this. (And of course I would love to!)
Quote: Originally Posted by ***edgar This is a repost, I was asked to move it. Thanks for your help.... Hello ladies, This is my first post here. I am not vaxing my child (22 months), because I don't believe it is good for her. However, my daughter was a preemie, so I am trying to keep her protected at least for the first two years by breastfeeding her and by limiting her exposure to sick kids. The otherday, I met my friend and he daughter at the...
I haven't posted on this board for ages, but have continued to read on through the years. I am not having either of my daughters vaxed (for flu or otherwise) but am curious and concerned about the vaccine clinics that are being held in our city's schools. The kids are being given the h1n1 shot in one arm and the seasonal flu shot in the other arm, at the same time. Has their been ANY research done to prove the safety of this practice??? Also, I thought that the flu shot...
i know how incredibly important brushing is- but for us, it is also incredibly difficult. does anyone else have a toddler who screeches, kicks, thrashes and howls when it's time to brush her teeth? we have tried a number of different tactics, but dd continues to act as though it utter torture to have her teeth brushed. it has become a big source of stress for all of us. i give her the toothbrush and encourage her to brush on her own throughout the day, but who knows...
my dd struggled w/constipation for awhile too. we finally discovered that 1/4 to half a teaspoon of ground flaxmeal per day, sprinkled her food, makes all the difference in the world.
I would just try vinegar and water, Barbara.
Live Nude Girls!
A Thin Blue Line, Brother's Keeper, Blood in the Face, Paradise Lost and its sequel, and of course, Roger and Me and everything else Micheal Moore has done.
Quote: Originally posted by Arduinna The issue isn't what "I" would do in the situation. The issue is that I have no right to tell someone else what they should do in the situation. Here, here, Ardiunna! I don't know what else needs to be said. And for the record, those who think that they can make the choice for others are capable of making exceptions for themselves: http://www.prochoiceactionnetwork-ca...nti-tales.html
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