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Here! Here! Great comeback.
what a great story!
She is old enough to know that actions have consequences. Have her clean up her mess as well as some extra duties. I've handed my almost 8yo DS a spray bottle with very diluted glass cleaner and have him clean all the windows. It ended up being fun, he learned his lesson, and we bonded.     
When my oldest DS was 5, we spoke to his psych about this drug briefly. He said it was not approved for children under age 6 or 7 and was against us trying it. However, we weren't at the "breaking point" yet.    It is very very powerful but from what I heard yields good results. Good luck.
The best thing that I have found to do was look around for support groups.   There are so so so many out there. Another way to find friends are book clubs too. It gives you release, helps bond to others, and get your mind off your family and issues. I'd love to find a book club but am nervous about branching out too. :)    Keep looking. You are not a lost cause.
Just tell them that she has special needs and it is the perfect place for her. My son goes to a different school as well and this is what I tell others if they ask.
I read a book by a father whose DD had a genetic kind of speech apraxia. The title of the book is "Schyler's Monster" or something like that. His little girl was diagnosed by a CT scan.
Thank you for the suggestion. He is currently enrolled in a special school. Taking him out of his school would definitely not help and I would lose my job and medical insurance. How has a child psychologist helped you? We will likely take a medical approach. The poor guy cannot concentrate and is internally distracted.
I have an almost 6yo who needs something... we've seen this psychologist before (who is also a behaviorist) and he referred us to a psychiatrist. (we tried adderall and strattera with much failure. The adderall made him very anxious and flip out. He couldn't swallow the strattera whole) He did tell us that he couldn't do much in a way of talk therapy but he could give us parenting techniques. But we need something... more... His behaviors are off the chart just plain...
I'm sorry for your loss
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