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BFP this morning! Last BD'd on a Sunday, O'd that Wednesday, so we'll see how we go.
Well, I got a BFP this morning so looks like I've already had a go at tandem-feeding during pregnancy Let's hope it all works out OK from here. Thanks again for sharing your stories -- it's refreshing to know someone else has BTDT!
The Cheetos Diet - I love it! :
Quote: Ok maybe I am confused. Are you asking about someone nursing 2 while pregnant with a 3rd? Yep. I've been nursing since DS1 was born 4.5 years ago, bar 5 weeks, and am now TTC #4 whilst feeding #2 and #3 - my 1st tandem pair. Tandem-nursing and nursing through pregnancy seem rare enough IRL that I had little hope of finding anyone who had actually fed TWO children throughout a pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your stories - great work, mamas!
nak, and i'm in a different time zone, but just wanted to jump on here and say a quick thanks to all of you for the info - and the debate! cheers.
That's my whole question. Thanks.
We have a house full of sons and would like to try to increase our chances for a girl. I have a couple of questions about timing. I know we're supposed to BD 2-3 days before ovulation, and then abstain during O time. DH and I had sex Saturday and Sunday and I'm ovulating today (Wednesday). Any idea what our chances are of conceiving? It is so hard not to BD when I know I'm O'ing as we really want to get pregnant, but I'd really like to get this timing right as well. It's...
MommaFox, I know just what you're talking about. I actually have one of those - ours used to be a printer's drawer - and use it to display seashells. I really love your treasure table idea. I could probably even hack something like that from an eBay desk or similar. Kibba, thanks! That is a very cool suggestion - especially given my husband is desperate for an aquarium. I just can't handle the maintenance right now but a terrarium with our crystal display or...
This is kind of Waldorfy, and I'm not sure where else to put it, so... We are a family that quite likes collecting minerals, crystals, semi-precious stones and so forth. Occasionally I will use them as part of a nature table, but truth be told, I have 3 kiddos under 4 and most of the time I am too tired to keep up with the nature table and I grow weary of the kids upending it all, crushing leaves all over the house etc... so for now, I'm looking for something a little...
Thanks, ladies. Apple cider vinegar, huh? Hmm... Will look into that. Yeah, I know my kids (x 3) can catch CP but so far, nothing. I really thought they'd come down with it by now as it's been a good week...
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