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Well, mine is not a "solution" I'd recommend to all and sundry, but the fact of the matter is my DH is naturally messy, whereas I am a neatfreak by nature and if things get too cluttered or untidy, I eventually have some sort of meltdown. I wish I didn't get so upset, my DH wishes I didn't get so upset, but I do, so he has more or less become a tidy person to keep me from freaking out.
I think a plant can make just about any place come alive - literally. In saying that, I am terrible with houseplants, particularly now that I have 3 little people to look after, but I think greenery makes a world of difference. I am also partial to painting my rooms colors I adore.
I got rid of ALL my boys' bath toys and now they just sit in the bath and get on with it. Sounds mean, but they have no trouble finding ways to entertain themselves in water without actual toys. I also got rid of all our plastic play food and mostly replaced it with wood, but I have noticed my boys prefer their cooking instruments more than the fake food anyway, so their pots and pans and such get most of the attention. Dolls are a non-issue here as my boys have...
I do laundry once a week, period. No matter how much I have to wash. I do it on Saturdays when DH is home to help with the kids (3 under 4) and just go go go until it's all done. We have multiple laundry baskets that I just heap all the clean clothes into and then they go in our living room on "the bench". DH bought me this gorgeous French provincial wrought iron bench that is exquisite to look at but totally uncomfortable to sit on even with cushions (scrolly back...
MamaUK, yeah, that's what I worry about the stimulation...and then I think, hang on, this kid has 2 older brothers -- he gets plenty of stimulation! I suppose it's just because he's at that stage where he wants to get his hands on stuff but isn't crawling yet, so I go to hand him something and it doesn't feel right to give him a car or other "big" toy as I have to worry about him sucking the wheels off or something, but all the actual baby toys I have are plastic rattles...
I asked a question about toys for multiple age groups but I don't think I really worded myself well. I guess I'm just wondering whether or not babies *need* toys, and if so, do they need things that are "age-appropriate" eg. shape sorters and the like, or not? I've just done a huge purge of plastic and there really isn't all that much left for my 6-monther, so I'm wondering if I should be looking for something new for him or just letting him toy with the trains and so...
I think you could do some interesting stuff with just the right shade of icy blue as an accent color (or white if you feel less daring) but I agree with the PP that a pic would help.
ditto the previous poster. it's weird when you don't even think of yourself as a shopper. i was horrified to realize that most of the stuff we have in our home is MY fault. on the plus side, i'm hoping this means once i finish decluttering, i'll be able to stop the influx again by just keeping myself in check.
i love my kids building forts! just not in the living room.
if you can home the clothes in another room eg. family closet, that's a big help. also consider removing the door as little ones that age don't need privacy. you can replace with a curtain if you like but you'd be surprised how much space that frees.
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