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My kids love chamomile. They have had sips of black tea liking it only a little.
wow, you made that?!?! That's amazing! Very nice.
I use that recipe for my detergent in my side loader just fine
Quote: Originally Posted by vm9799 we have vinyl in our kitchen and the best thing that has worked for me is to get on my hands and knees with a mr. clean magic eraser. it gets into all those little crevices very very well with very little effort on my part. i do this about once a month and then just clean the rest of the time with my swiffer wet jet. the magic eraser shouldn't dull your floors either. it can be a pain in the butt, but thankfully my...
oh man, I had a huge problem with carpenter ants last year and when I started seeing them appear this year I literally started digging the dirt where their nest was and pouring boiling water down there and watched the suckers float up dead. I know that sounds nutso and like a lot of work, but I tried a ton chemical free/natural ideas and poisons as well and nothing worked until I went all crazy on them with boiling water.
oh man
that's awesome about figuring out a way to do an inexpensive pinata! My husbands family is another odd bunch that do an easter pinata. Glad to know we aren't the only ones out there!
I wrap mine in aluminum foil. I have always heard that it's best for keeping it fresh the longest and keeping it from getting slimy like it can with plastic. It hasn't let me down yet.
I just stick with the soft soled Robeez type shoes for as long as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by hippiechickinsing Donate them to your local school's art program. I say this because I practically salivate at the thought of baby food jars and believe there are never enough in the art room. : or freecycle them. There are some people that are always looking for babyfood jars.
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