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  No, somebody (maybe you) said that spanking can be done in a loving way, and that sometimes it's necessary. That's what I was surprised was still on the thread. I've never said that saying "I was spanked and I'm fine" was advocating spanking, unless it was followed by "so I think it's ok to spank." In that very thread, I'm pretty sure I said that I was spanked, and certainly didn't consider my mom to be violent. I've never complained of such statements being in any...
True- Brandybutter said "and for some of us, that is counter culture." as the rest of the line that you bolded. So, for "some of us" it's counter culture, for others it's not. Both are included in those who parent mindfully. (that's how I read it)
As far as dads being judgemental, exdp is judgemental and will speak his mind on certain things (mostly on how a child is treated- he doesn't give a hoot about cd'ing, wahm vs. wohm, bf'ing...none of that stuff) if the situation calls for it. But somehow, I think that he says it in a way that people don't perceive it as judgement. He's very personable, and is intuitive as far as how people feel. I don't think people get defensive in response to him speaking up.     
That, at least, we agree on. Canada has it right in those areas, imo.
I think she's saying that it's a parent's responsibility to keep their young child from hitting other people. Like, hitting/biting/kicking, not referring to swings. That's what I got from it.    
Yes, I haven't seen any WOHM judgement in this thread. Personally, I think women should work if they want to, and wish women could sah if they wanted to. No one has to justify their decision to me. My only opinion on it is that it's sad when a mom (or dad) HAS to work if they'd prefer to stay home (or I suppose, if they have to stay home if they'd prefer to work, though that seems less likely).   For us, the system is different in Canada. We get a child tax benefit,...
Wait, I thought we weren't judging parents based on specific decisions in this thread?
Yes, that's what I meant. It was my responsibility to keep ds2 safe with the swing, and it's my responsibility to keep other people safe from being hit by ds2.
What's the best vaccuum/floor cleaner for hardwood floors and area rugs?   I don't mind using a broom, but it doesn't do a very good job on the rugs. The big vaccuum is heavy and bulky, and does a horrid job on the hard floors. I'm sure there's one that works well for both.   I saw an infomercial (lol) for one that I think vaccuumed hard floors, rugs, and steam cleaned hard floors. Does that ring a bell for anyone? I think it was sort of expensive,...
That was my experience too. I was trying to be CL, and it wasn't really a good match for me. (I will say that I don't think I was doing it "right"). I found that I was trying to make ds1 choose to do things my way. Not all of the time, but enough. I think that was harder on him than if I'd just insisted on some things, or made some things happen. Mind you, he is a really considerate, friendly, compassionate person. So I think there was a lot of good come from it too. It...
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