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If your child is having trouble breathing you need to go and see a doctor. Really, in first aid the first thing you check is the airway for a very good reason. Not to mention feeling like you can't breathe is just horrible. It could be asthma, it could just be normal whooping cough, but they could do something as simple as steroids for a few days to reduce the inflammation and make your baby so much more comfortable.
It is normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to space out their poos around six weeks. They can go for up to two weeks between poos. It is very unusual for a breastfed baby to be constipated. If when she goes it is hard and pebbly (indicating constipation) you need to have her seen by the doctor, because it's very very abnormal.
Quote: Originally Posted by diamond lil I have a hard time accepting the notion that "things" cause SIDS. My sister is a good one for this. She told me that crib bumpers cause SIDS. No, crib bumpers can cause suffocation if a baby rolls up to it and cannot breathe. That is not SIDS. That is suffocation. No, crib bumpers cause SIDS and suffocation Sheepskins cause SIDS Quote: Sheepskin bedding and the sudden infant death syndrome....
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire So people who don't own cars only take one trip a year? If that were the case, the math makes sense. That sounds like a greyhound bus to me. Normal buses are as much as trains or subways. Quote: yes buses are expensive.. at least where i live. a 3 min trip in the bus (yes, a whole 180 seconds) costs me $3.00 ONE WAY. now i'm not sure if these buses are private or govt owned but $3.00 for a 3...
Quote: Originally Posted by dubfam same here!! Why is Safeway so expensive?? And let me just say I HATE how when you walk into the SW stores there are security camera's on you and your image is projected onto tv screens. Like they are saying "We're watching you because we don't trust you"...very unwelcoming IMO. It's the main reason that I avoid that store like the plague!! I don't understand how they can continue to trade. I shopped there...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shelsi For my ds we used to use those disposable stick on place mat things in restaurants just because it felt too germy otherwise sometimes. If I had seen a good quality and compact place mat that was reusable I would have bought it. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/prod...1&SKU=14915362
In our normal life: disposable wipes for bottoms, and hands when eating out of the house, antibacterial for after play centers with no handwashing facilities. Sometimes we have individually packaged freeze dried fruit for snack while we're out. When travelling, flying, staying in hotels: disposable nappies, disposable change mat (I still have four in the pack and I'm on my second shild - I'll throw it away if it gets poo on it), disposable place mat for eating, food in...
Hugs here, too. Have you tried a pacifier? Could she be getting overtired? I know when getting mine to sleep was really hard I'd put it off and they'd get overtired and it would make it even harder.
I try and include some of each food group and each colour at each meal. So if the finger food is carrots the mush might be zucchini and rice, or finger food is broccoli and bread and mush is pear and cottage cheese.
Mostly I would, unless it's a daytime nap and I know it's going to be short anyway. Poo burns really quickly, I wouldn't want them to be sitting in it for two hours. And if it were my kids they wouldn't sleep long with a poo anyway.
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