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Which type of pool alarm is the most effective? I need a backup for a pool fence I don't trust if 24 hour one on one supervision fails at some point. I don't care about cost.
We got a Corolle doll. And she was given a Haba (Lotte). She loved them both at different times.
Or is it just that I feel a bit guilty that I see mention of them everywhere? Does every child in the world but mine have one? And do they all play with them all day long?
Quote: Originally Posted by JTA Mom Some people put a lot of emphasis on presents, whereas others focus on other things. No difference, and no need to judge. I disagree. I don't think it's healthy to encourage rampant consumerism in children.
I seem to remember being told the theraputic dose is at least twice what the bottle says. But whatever you do, make sure you're not on the pill at the same time. St John's Wort makes the pill ineffective.
Yeah, the trick to cooking rice pasta is only buying Tinkyada.
Quote: Originally Posted by MOMYS What about packing away their "everyday" clothes and have a HUGE box of dress up stuff! Not just whole outfits, but all kinds of add-ons! Honestly our dress-up is THE best toy in our house (except maybe for Legos for the older boys!) But that's still going to have to be put away. I would try having fewer clothes, maybe have 3-5 outfits at any one time and change out their whole wardrobe every couple of...
Don't put him in a necklace? It might look lovely, but it's a choking hazard, and it's totally developmentally normal for a baby to mouth anything they can touch so I wouldn't give him free access to things that are dangerous and you'll have to stop him eating.
I hate boosters because the chair has to sit out in the middle of the floor, plus they're ugly, plus you lose a seat, and we only have our chairs. I love our IKEA $30 high chair. Simple, clean attractive.
In Australia "feeding" is used as shorthand for breastfeeding. I love to say "no", she doesn't eat, because I think it's a stupid euphemism. Food doesn't only come from breasts! (this is a 88% breastfeeding culture) Quote: asked in a cutesy voice "did you feed him some mashed potatoes?" i simply replied "no..." but then she acted horrified and said "why not?!?!" dh and i just gave each other a look and didn't say anything. but i wish i could think of something...
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