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I would put it over her bedroom door and over the stairs too. It minimises the area that needs to be completely childproof (three year olds leaving things everywhere, for example. or door hinges that can sever fingers), and makes one more obstacle for the day when she climbs the baby gate (it will be the bedroom one, not the stair one). Did you think she would feel caged in her crib when you used it? Essentially my children are caged in the house since there's a lock on...
Sandra, like everything to do with parenting, it's largely dependent on the baby's personality. Also, the mother's supply could play an issue. Nipple preference is very real. Quote: I've read on multiple sites that a lot of experts don't believe we give baby the credit he deserves to know the difference, and a hungry baby will nurse from the breast even if he's had a bottle. That may have been your personal experience, but many babies don't like to...
I'd get a foam mat or a cheap area rug, too. You only need to cover the spots where she can pull up, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by SandraS There is ZERO reason to give a child purees. As a matter of fact, some think they're not natural for babies. Well, except for teaching them to swallow easily with no choking risk. Nappies and clothes and car seats aren't natural for babies either.
There's a machine knitting group on Ravelry
Quote: Originally Posted by amis2girls I would rather he not write any checks. On payday he keeps app. $100 for himself. He is in control of how much goes into the checking account, but in the days before payday he is without cash because he's spent the amount he's allotted for himself. Tell him to put the five $20 from the ATM in his underwear drawer, and take one out each weekday morning and into his pocket. That way he has a constant...
Custard powder doesn't go off. But if you think it might taste bad, make a batch of custard and see.
Quote: Originally Posted by momma_unlimited Canola oil is not on my list of safe for consumption- I don't eat "canolas", so why would I eat canola oil? Similarly, I don't eat safflowers, so I don't eat safflower oil. Neither of the above have been used traditionally by healthy peoples from any anthropological records I've read to date.. http://www.choice.com.au/viewArticle...nola+oil+myths
Sounds like a night terror to me. Next time, don't try to wake him or bring him out, try to nurse him back to sleep if he'll let you.
It's the moving images, fast edits and background sound that's the issue. And if it were the flickering of a cathode ray TV, if your computer's a flat screen that isn't an issue.
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