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Bizarre! But you're still spending 8+ hours with your whole body in a strong magnetic field. Not something I'd do myself, let alone a small child.
Quote: Originally Posted by grumpybear What if you decline all internal checks but is GBS+ (as was I)? Does that increase risk of infection? yes, one of the factors with me being fine to go as long as I did was that I was GBS- (and NO INTERNAL EXAMS). My midwife's point of comfort for starting induction was 36 hours, mine was 30 - I was nowhere near labour, and it took a LOT to induce me.
Al-DREE-ah, with a short a to start How do you get All rather than Al out of that name?
Within 24 hours. Our paed will come to the hospital or we'll go there if we leave the hospital early. It's important to have them looked over, heart, lungs listened to, etc. They are a new person and things can be wrong with them (won't scare you, but they can be bad).
Well, with babywearing I don't think you'll even need to argue anything. When he sees how much easier it is to pop a cranky baby in a sling than hold them in your arms he'll be sold. Also when he has to manoeuvre a big stroller through other people he'll be begging to use the sling.
How about "I just read this GREAT book!"?
Caution, this may upset you and may change your opinion on turning toddlers FF. But when you turn your kid around to face the front, they can see you. They can see you sneaking chocolate and soft drinks from your front seat stash and ask "what's that, mummy, can I have some?" I miss my car snacks.
How about a not-direct trade in carpooling. So someone picks your daughter up and you watch their child at your house at some other time? Also, you could talk to the teacher and ask for more handwashing, or a reminder about keeping sick kids home.
I'd send her an email saying "thanks for the info showing that circmcision reduces sexual pleasure. We're very convinced by it and will make sure not to allow our son to be circumcised."
You'll most likely get colostrum around the end of the second trimester. I've heard some kids don't like the taste, but my daughter has ramped up her nursing since it came in.
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