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I'm taking: Phonetics Language Science Acoustics and Anatomy of the Ear
My DH accepted a job in Sydney and he is leaving next month. I'll be staying behind with the kids, packing our stuff and trying to get our house rented. The plan is for us to head over in Dec. He will be working primarily in Botany, so we are checking out the southern suburbs. Would love to have some moms to meet up with once we move.
Looks like I am working Weds/Thurs so maybe, just maybe I will be able to join you guys. Keep me posted. I probably wont recognize any of your kids at this point. LOL
I am taking my GRE next Weds and will be applying for M Ed SLP programs for next fall. Applying only to 2 schools because we are pretty settled here w/ kids, house and DH's job so I had to pick the only 2 schools in driving distance that had my program. Once I get past the GRE hurdle, I'll get cracking on my apps in earnest.
My work was rescheduled to Sat so I will be able to come! Yay. Elly misses her friends.
Good luck. I think Kay or Dr Tate would be your best bet for a natural twin birth. I would be shocked(!) if an all OB practice like that would not go automatic c/s or pull bait and switch for twins.
I miss y'all. This part time job seems to have me running ragged lately, considering how few hours it is. But I am between moms atm, so hopefully i can free up a couple fridays while the weather is still nice. So see y'all in a week!
I drop my girls off at First Pres of Marietta MMO, right near Marietta square. I dont need care all the time since my job is sort of flexible and ever changing and I like that I dont have to commit to a monthly fee or a certain number of days/hrs per week. I typically use them Weds/Fri mornings for 2 hrs. My girls seem to like it. Its mostly just play time from what I gather, so if you are looking for academics, I doubt this would be a good fit. Its obviously...
Well I kinda like Ally, but as you can infer from my girls names, I favor the ending Y. But Allie is cute too. I think Alleigh looks more full namish and less nickname-y but its on the cusp of kre8tiv spelling. Either way....: new baybeez coming soon!
Going from any of the outer suburbs to the city will be very congested. Atlanta has wicked traffic. I would even venture to say its worse than Los Angeles just because in LA there are eleventymillion freeways so you can always find a 2nd or 3rd way around. Here, there are like 4, so its either one big fat congested freeway or a bunch of congested side streets with lights at every corner. Yeah, I hate trafffic. 500K. not a problem. I would say avg houses cost...
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