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Race to Nowhere is being screened across the country, my employer (Adult School Parent Ed) and my littlests' charter school are both holding screenings. http://www.racetonowhere.com/   Waiting For Superman was interesting and pulled on your heartstrings, but from a sociological standpoint, the evidence they used in support of their proposed idea to save the schools did not take into account a very key ingredient and variable, parental involvement. 
I was labeled gifted and so is my daughter. At ages 6, 7, 8 and beyond, we just wanted to play and learn through play. Schooling with our peers was enough to keep us learning formally. For myself it wasn't until college that I did more than skate by. For my dd it was this year, 8th grade that she has decided to excel. Let him go at his own pace and you may be surprised how much he learns.
Since this is a "workshop" are there any rules that are different then a typical thread? I wanted to ask what other public school AP mamas thought about the recent documentaries about public schools in the US. I have seen Waiting for Superman and will soon see Race to Nowhere.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SoCalAPFamilies/ We have park days and stuff like that all over so-cal.
I am a former special ed teacher and current adult ed teacher in a high COL area in SoCal, with what I believe to be an excellent school district. Boy#1 was pulled out of public high school two years ago, due to the influences his friends were on him, and the fact that he was falling through the cracks. Not qualifying for special ed, but being very slow to learn. He is now at community college. TheGirl is in 8th grade and labeled gifted, but that means next to...
My 13 yo 8th grader is able to read anything, I think her school put her Lexile range at over 1400. But content wise she prefers young adult sci fi. She recently finished The Hunger Games trilogy and all 4 of the Uglies books over the past week of winter break. She's now reading the Douglas Adam's trilogy and Harry Potter. She never read Harry Potter, but was bored so she decided to read the series, started yesterday and is on the third book today.
Does he have to be unsupervised? Couldn't you go and insist on supervised visits?
I got my BA and credential while single. My parents watched my children one night a week, when I attended classes one night a week for 4 years. I spent so many weekends and late nights studying. I was also working, so I felt like I missed their childhood, but I had to pay the bills.
Hello~ I was never married to my 6 yos father, and for over 6 years he has been on time with our agreed upon child support of $600 a month. We have a custody agreement through a paralegal. He is a contractor and apparently times are really tough for him, so he was late last month and hasn't paid this month. My account is now negative, but I feel like a witch harassing him about the money. He has had our ds for the past week and I get him back tomorrow night, I really...
  She is currently in eighth grade, taking honors math and English. Her current master plan (and thus far when she has come up with a plan she sticks to it.) is to do her jr and sr years at the community college in a program like some of the above posters have referenced. The local community college that has this program, promotes it as for academically advanced students, and a friend of ours at church did it, and has been talking to TheGirl about it.    As far as her...
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