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I get the same way. I figure when I am more organized I will be able to sell things, give them away to who I want to have it (whoever really needs it), etc. But, for now, I need it gone. It's adding to the unmanagability.
How did you work there and not get all preachy? When I worked at the Gap and someone asked me about breastfeeding, I said, "Of course, it is every child's birthright." But, I am a bit .
Does anyone know of a place online that sells these fabulous Euro toys? : I am looking for the pink buggy for dd's bday.
I called an online Euro toy shop today b/c they had an item online that was sold out, but, said to call and see when it would be back in stock. Well, they said it would be a few months and I asked what brand it was. They said it was their policy to not give out the brand names. What? Why? (The brand was printed on the item, but, it was really hard to read. I guessed a few times before I got it right.) As it turns out, they were probably the only US co. that sells...
Any tips or advice? Any experience good or bad?
thanks http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=564413
here is the thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions...prune=-1&f=168 And can you change the title to "Different Digs, Shipping Info in POst 166" Thank you!
I'm still bloggin'.
I got mine yesterday and they look great- thanks for the tip!
Oooh yeah, I definitely have a problem with this. I basically know sometimes that Old Navy sale rack stuff (for example), I might as well bring it home and put it right into the donation box. I hate it not making a cent and I want to be picky about who is goes to, but, I need the space. Bottom line= I need it out of here!
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