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DH says, "Just forget it, you don't blog and you don't clean!" I am changing my ways, people. ....by sitting here on mothering instead, uhuh
I always try to start blogs but I end up puttering out within a few days. I have an idea for a blog and I need motivation to keep it up for 30 whole days. It is going to be about my messy house and how I am going to clean it up. : Anyone want to commit to blog for 30 days (on any topic they like)?
No, I have always always been depressed, and have been a SAHM for over 3.5 years...
When to "draw" the line and go back to work? I was raised in a depressed home and I want to give my kids something better. I just can not get motivated to do anything.
I, too, shop compulsively. Blah. All I can say right now. I just want to know what store you shopped from. I am going to the Gap's website now, to see what they have. Anyway.... Little girl clothes are my biggest indulgence.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopeelise It depends on how much you want the company to promote your item. If they are getting more % for themselves, they are going to make it more of a priority to promote your product. Yeah, that is what I was thinking.
Very cool, thanks! I guess shipping is free, too, huh?
Amy, On your site, do you have the cars and plane in stock or are they dropshipped?
Hi Amy No, that is not the going rate for drop shipping. No reason why you should charge less, but, retailers might not want to carry your stuff for that rate. If you want your "brand" out there, you will want retailers to be carrying your products and making money themselves.
The question "has feminism gone too far" is a phrase from the book the Mommy Myth. In that context, it makes sense and is not a question women should be offended by, IMO.
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