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don't know if you're still searching, but our ped is Dr Cheryl Flynn across the street from lincoln mall. She's incredible, passionate, compassionate, dedicated and we can't say enough about her.  We've been with her for about 10 years(16 yr old and 7 yr old).  She's opened up on sat or sun when needed, there's a xray and blood place in the same building and she's fine with no-vax/delayed vax or single vaxing, extended breastfeeding, etc.  She's always interested in...
Bummer!! that does sound annoying! I would talk to a doctor too. Do you practice kegal exercises?
there's an entrance to a bike path/walking path right off 295 between the 146 exit and mendon road exit heading north. It's paved and very nice. There's a car rest stop to pull into with a dunkin donuts and state police too.
We have a small area in our yard if you'd like to dig some up, pm me :-) other then that I've seen bamboo for sale at home depot and lowes and even joblot. I love Seven Arrows tho!!!!
this post looks old, but I'd thought I'd chime in I just dug up my teenager's science curriculums from a few years back, 2002! We used, and I think it was new at the time, Living Learning Books, I just googled and there's a website now for it. It's very similar to SOTW and we liked it alot, as there are activity pages, book lists, book references, review questions, etc. We have Level 2 Earth Science and Astronomy here's the...
I can make the 19th or the 26th, are we doing this only on Mondays? I just reserved the next book, there's a waiting list on that one!
oooh, I just finished it this weekend. I really enjoyed it, tho again, I felt it wasn't deep enough or raw enough. This book, I'm sure, will lead to lots of great discussion!
I never finished reading the book. I really enjoyed reading what I did tho. I thought the author never wrote 'deep' enough for me, they were plenty of realizations and big ideas, plenty of varied research to back up her thoughts and to ponder more on, but nothing went deep enough for me, or got to the bottom, kwim? for me at least, it seem lacking...maybe that was the point Quote: Originally Posted by lovermont I wonder if part of the problem is...
we buy our meat mostly from a farm in foster. 1/4, 1/2, and whole cows, chickens, turkey and lamb. It's a very small farm. Sometimes they have a waiting list, and sometimes we pass on our order when called(our family eats less meat now that I don't eat it). It is more expensive too, but the freshness and quality can't be beat. I can see if they're taking new names if you like, just pm me.
I love dr cheryl flynn, she's in lincoln across from the lincoln mall, it's her own practice. She's personable, and my dh has nic-named her ms poppins We do select and delay vax, and she's fine with that, she's always interested and knowledgeable when I want to use a homeopathic remedy. We've been with her for over 8 years and love her and her staff.
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