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So, was your dd retained a year in school without any formal process of evaluations and consideration of learning disabilities?  That seems really drastic for that to have happened, esp if a service like OT or extra tutoring was in place.  I would second the advice to request, in writing, an eval.  This must be responded to, and can't be ignored.   You might think about contacting the principal because if you have a teacher bring personal issues such as not liking you or...
OK, I'm going to pick your brain here, lol!  I wonder a lot about what exactly makes a lasting impression?  We have big talks, and little talks, about many issues.  Our conversations are open, dh and I are pretty open, we parent well together, so I think we have some harmony going on.  The little moments, such as the rides to school in the car where I hear the big issues of the week, are exquisitely precious to me.  There are a few arguments, limit setting, some pushing...
What do you see as his particular needs?  I would base the accommodations on what modifications he needs to successfully function within the classroom environment.  I don't know Montessori specifically, so I don't know what the expectations are for his age.  Does he need more movement breaks than you see now w/r to the possible adhd?  Does he require some sensory-type accommodations to make life a little easier for him?  Sorry to not be more specific.
I have the "all clear" from my pediatrician to use melatonin-we have since age 7 or 7 1/2.  It's usually recommended to start with the lowest effective dose.  You can get chewables, or the very small sized capsules.  
This is the type of experience/post that I value so much from this forum.  I like your older dd's advice!  
Well, I'm not really OK with first person shooter, M rated games for my 9 y/o-not that far off from your 10 y/o, OP.  I have a teen dd, but she has no interest in video games.  The school my ds is in actually had a lot of concern about some of the video games (shooter, rated M) the kids were engaged in-mostly because they were bringing a lot of the imagery, play, and description into the classroom.  This is a public school-no one gets ruffled by much, and video games are...
Age........wisdom........isn't there a correlation here somewhere ...?
Does anyone want to share what their teen might be hoping for for the holidays?  Or what they might be receiving?  I love to see what other kids are into, and how families handle gift giving.  Any great ideas in terms of gifts or experiences?    
I am not a fan of overly done, super sexualized lingerie stores, BUT, we were fortunate to have a nice, local store that was the best place for measuring, fitting, selection.  
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