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Great response! Hope they publish it!
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyHawk Thank you to all those of you posters who were nice for explaining how unschooling is viewed by the gov't/legal community where you live. I just want to point out that states have "home"schooling laws. Unschooling falls under the umbrella of homeschooling. My state requires x number of hours of various subjects to be taught during the school year. It is really hard to live life (the way we live it, anyway!)...
My issue with a GED is that it indicates someone didn't "finish school" in the first place. Now don't get me wrong, I think its great that someone that didn't finish school takes the GED, but a homeschooler DOES finish school. So why should a homeschooler take a GED?
I forgot to mention, we make a gf chapatis recipe from Food Allergy Survival Guide (by Vesanto Melina) that we use as pita bread for hummus. We also use it for our beanie burritos (although they're open-faced as it doesn't roll). It can be made ahead and eaten cold.
I feel for you! My vegan, gf family doesn't eat out at all and we've only ever spent two days/one night away from home because of our limited space for coolers! But some ideas are: - make favorite and/or easy meals that are good cold and pack them in individual servings for the road. - use wraps like corn tortillas, rice tortillas, and nori sushi sheets. - romaine lettuce makes a great wrap - I particularly like black bean burger bits with tomato slices and ketchup...
I put pasta sauce, beans (soy or white or black-eyed peas), garlic, and greens in the food processor. Layer with cooked pasta shapes.
I applaud those of you that put other people's feelings first. But let me share my story with you. In the early 90's, during the height of the mad cow scare in England, I visited there with my husband. I did not wish to eat any beef (although I was not vegetarian at the time). He insisted that I eat it so that I would not offend our hostess. Since then I have had a child, adopted a healthy vegan diet, and learned that mad cow disease ... once contracted ... can be passed...
You can do it! My family has been vegan/strict veg for around 8 years and GF for around 3 years. It was hard at first because I made all my own whole wheat bread, tortillas, etc. Now we don't do much bread at all. But I have to eat when I'm hungry to keep the weight on!
Also check out Food Allergy Survival Guide by Vesanto Melina and two other vegan nutritionists. It has some great recipes. I found it at my library.
We are vegan and gluten-free as a family, and ds was also soy and corn-free for several months. Not exactly the same, but close. Here a few suggestions: - I would pretty much scrap bread during your trial. Come up with alternatives. We use lettuce leaves to hold veggie/bean burgers with tomatoes. - Nut butters on rice cakes. - Brown a rice tortilla in the oven then top with pizza sauce and veggies (no cheese) and pop back in oven for 10 or 12 minutes. - For a...
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