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I wear LOT's of headbands during this phase. Last time I got bangs cut which I NEVER do b/c I have wavey/curly. It did make a difference in terms of a style and my not seeing the receding hair line. it sucks no matter what. I am taking vitamin b and also FISH OIL but it doesn't seem to help! look at it this way: our hormones are normalizing and that cannot be bad!
sorry I have been MIA, but you gals were all great. I hope you are enjoying your little fatty-pie babies! mine is now 17 lbs! born on april 9th....the girl can EAT! see you in the other threads!
this worked for a while...but mine are 27 months and almost 4 months...at least for nap time, now not so much: I lay w/ baby and 2 yr old in bed, nurse baby and read to toddler and then just encourage sleeping.....i was able to get them to sleep at the same time for a few months...now they are on different schedules...SIGH! I guess you can nurse while sitting next to the 2 yr old, and have a hand on them while they drift off? or nurse the baby down and have the...
i have thought about skipping naps.....a great idea for sure. I do think he is too young to go to bed alone, but one can dream!! I guess it's the psychology of him being the "oldest" but not really old enough....he seems so big in so many ways that him having to touch a mole on my back to sleep is just weird. I like your suggestion, I wonder what others do! I think there was a similar post, so I will see what that is about. THANKS!
I am at my wits end here.....any and all advice would be helpful. So we have a 2 yr old and a 4 month old. 2yr old weaned at 22 months, he's 27 months now. We have always had our son go to bed in his own bed and then he ends up in our bed sometime between 2 and 6am. fine w. me....and we co-sleep or bring baby to our bed for midnight feeding and onward. finally got a king size bed to make us all fit. THE PROBLEM.....he won't go to bed on his own....I have tried the...
WELL, I am not a birth professional (becoming a doula)....but was in your shoes 10 weeks ago. As the 41 week mark approached I just did NOT want to have that conversation...so I did acupuncture and did everything I thought was getting in the way of my psychologically letting labor happen. I played my cello, went on a date with my hubby, talked to my toddler about how his life would change, and then had acupucture and took some homeopathic stuff (to remain undisclosed). If...
I took it in late pregnancy at 41 weeks and had a lightning fast labor (2.5 hours). I took the homeopathic dilution of these two herbs. I am certain my body was ready, but this was unreal...curious to hear other stories!
This time last year..... we had just celebrated DD's 1st birthday, and taken a drive up the Pacific Coast for a week (LA to Portland). I was kicking ass at work and just got a promotion. I had lost 50 lbs and was 20 below my pre pregnancy weight (from first baby). I was shopping, rocking my high heels and planning a trip to mexico with about 5 beautiful gay men and no hubby!!! got pregnant right before that trip!!! was not quite ready psychologically, but thought it...
Here we go! Enjoy! Hope it works.... http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLan...localeid=en_US
Here we go! Enjoy! Hope it works.... [url]http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.jsp?Uc=12m4jcar.5nodcq8b&Uy=lsy l3t&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare& Ux=0&UV=755851392092_782959431307&localeid=en_US
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