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I am seriously. scared!
Thank you! Azara is a sweet baby. we had a three day battle with jaundice, but managed to nurse her through it. My in-laws are here helping till the weekend and then it's me! SOmeone mentioned the snack idea. I think that's a great one. Gonna dig up some activities on line too.....and obviously the moby wrap will be forever in use! we should keep each other posted. Hope it happens tonight! I feel your uterus. As my friend told me, 'now your uterus is retired from...
Hi everyone, I am looking for some helpful hints on staying home w/ my 23 month old and my newborn. for some reason I am scared to death to face this transition. we have been doing great when daddy has been home, but I have to get ready to face the music! any reflective thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
I am looking for any helpful hints, routines or things that help you when you are at home alone all day w/ your kids! I am not tandem nursing, so that isn't going to keep us busy at all.....thanks in advance! my boy is almost 2, baby 2 weeks old!
I was right where you are.....41 weeks, sister graduating from college a week later...and broke down and took homeopathic stuff. It did the trick. I don't blame you. The membrane stripping will only work if the baby is ready...GOOD LUCK!
add Azara Iman 21 inches, 7 lbs 14oz....born on April 9th!!
sounds to me like you are on the edge of labor! I was crampy after my membranes were stripped....either way, you are so prepped and nearly 1/2 way there, that it will be soon!
ummm yeah, I don't think you have a worry. I do remember thinking "if my pelvic floor is ruined from last time, maybe I won't have the strength to push this time" For me it was: Baby 1: 1 and 1/2 hours Baby 2: 5 pushes (maybe 10 minutes?) NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!
good luck everyone and hang in there!! it will happen so soon and so fast you won't have time to blink!
All I have to say is: OH.MY.HIPS I am really happy with my weight, although I still have 20 lbs to loose. I guess I hide it well, because most of my pre-preg stuff fits. not the skinny wear though. But my hips are totally mis-aligned so I have to get some work done. Boobs are big but not unreasonable (38 ddd) and overall, I just feel like a goddess for having the baby that fast (not bragging here). Hugs to all, our bodies are returning to us!
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