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So after all the complaining I did, two rounds of acupuncture, membrane stripping and general mediation....I had about lost my mind on Tuesday. My baby just wasn't ready apparently. I was afraid of medical induction and thus called my homeopathic dr. I won't tell you exactly what she prescribed, b/c I think it needs to be specific to you.....but BOOM! Wed morning, 4 hours after taking this homeopathic stuff......my water broke...then then I started heavily contracting...
depending on calculations, I am also a week over due. it really sucks! I am trying some homeopathic stuff tonight, as prescribed by a Dr. of Hom so???
try acupuncture. I was 2 cm and 70% effaced when I got it and the next morning ALL of my plug came out...so it's def. loosening up! and EPO might be good too. Those of us who have passed our due date now totally understand and we have to stay focused on what we want. block all energy, stay mindful of baby. I told my husband "no more business, it's all about the baby now" field anything stressful like a kung fu fighter! oh, and just to let you know w/ my first pg I...
right there w/ you sister. I just put a nice "I am hibernating, not returning phone calls, thanks for your concern" message on my voice mail. Not picking up the phone except for mom and sister. trying to create a nice little cozy bubble around me, talking to baby, making daddy talk to baby, doing the things I love. I even sent my 2 year old to his grandparents so we could get some time. sigh I don't even remember what a contraction feels like at this point. I did...
I am so sorry! I hope you are hanging in there. what methods did they try? just curious cause I am now 40 +5 and I am sure the MW will have a chat with me friday. sigh....
I just most of my plug this am and then more a bit ago. been crampy and resting. we will see! I think it's opening me up slowly. last time I lost my plug in active labor.
so I am extremely crampy after my session and sweating tons! also up at 6am on sat to wash clothes...hmmm just wanted to compare notes. did your acu hurt at all? mine did. it doesn't usually (non pg acu) do rrl too. will move onto co-hosh next!
UMMM, due on the first so yeah, feeling antsy and still pg!
Congrats! gorgeous baby!
Me too! It was a little painful, but I figure I could use a nudge right about now. Let's see how it works! Also got my membrane stripped today, so wondering if the double wammy will do it??? feeling pretty crampy!
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