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This is such b/s. I know it's hard to hear the scare tactics, but your gut is right. A friend of a friend JUST got talked into a c/s recently for the same reason (baby over 10 lbs). She was BARELY 8 lbs and this was her 3rd baby. She fell for it, you don't have to. I agree with everyone else. Stay strong and don't buy the hype! Even if your baby is 10 lbs you can do it!
hey ladies, thanks for making a space to whine on hear. prodromal land sucks! every night I think it's the night! and we just had a beautiful taste of spring here in CA, and now it's gonna rain today. boo hoo! hungry and don't know what for!
this leaky business is so confusing, isn't it? I just don't know that I would "know" unless I started having contractions too. I think we should all buy the ph paper to have on hand until we are through this!! feeling the back pain too!
how funny, well I think you have to post today to have a nice signature like that. how about this for april fools: I will NOT have your baby today! hahah
was trying not to be, but I am definitely a little green w/ envy. due date tom/thurs. sigh. gonna lay down now, hubby is home.
wow! good luck! exciting monday so far! smooth labor vibes!
hoping to go any time now. due the 1st or the 3rd depending on whose counting. sigh! so many people w/ due dates in mid april already popping!
okay, well, we are done with EVERYTHING! MY EDD is thurs. sigh....felt like it should have been two weeks ago! We have a clean house, new furniture, baby stuff out and washed.....bags packed, birth instructions, toddler care arranged..... A bunch of people are calling and texting to find out what is going on. Can I just IGNORE THEM? Why do people think it's okay to bug us like this? Playing w/ DD a lot and have closure in my mind about these being our last few...
good luck girl! sounds like you are doing great! (you are still posting, which is more than I would be able to do in active labor~!) Stay strong! enjoy your sweet baby and send some labor mojo our way (those who are term).
YAY! Glad to hear it. it is been a rough couple of days huh? So hard to just wait and wait! I thought I was having the baby this weekend and everyone was calling to check. I decided to hibernate. Today I am pretty zen. Hoping the other early april mama's are also feeling good. So hard to keep the balance. If anyone wants a cleaning project, I strongly recommend: THE FRIDGE! I felt better when I did this! :0)
New Posts  All Forums: