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I am 35 and I declined. not worth the risk to me. you will most likely be fine. you know the stats, and that is what made the decision for me. soon it will be behind you and you won't even think about it.
well, all I know is PIT in terms of transition and pushing. I think I got to 8 and then they gave it to me. I was "fine" in laborland w/out it. once I got it, I was begging for an epi. my doula/girlfriend talked me out of it......those last hours were excruciating! I suspect that labor w/out pit is much more tolerable. I just remember it feeling like a runaway train, or like someone else was in charge of my body (shudder). It can be done w/out an epi, but I will NEVER do...
thanks everyone. I just let him get into more stuff than usual, including some water play in the bathroom sink. I will recommend cleaning out the fridge though...after some napping, I really felt like detailing the kitchen. On to dinner: salmon and broccoli pasta! I know our days are numbered, I just need them to be a few rather than more!
yeah, in general I am too busy to have play dates etc. what I am going through has to do w/ being pregnant still and not wanting to put out the energy to go out. but I think that is what I have to do...go out and try not to spend money. sigh.... just over being pregnant really!
trying to convince myself that it is okay to still be pregnant. over it.done.glad i can vent here. it may be 2 more weeks for me. due/guess date 4.3.08
I can only share my story. I was about 40 wks 5 days, contracting mildly and just felt done. I let my midwife strip my membranes. I was not even dilated to 1 when she did it, but was soft. I went into labor about 9 hours later. delivered 21 hours after it started. Was my body ready? Sort of? I got stuck at 8cm and needed pitocin to keep the labor progressing, mostly due to exhaustion. I am considering it again, but I say you know your body...and you are 1 week...
okay ladies, so I am 39 weeks today. just had a mw appointment, did not do a cervical check. what's the point? I left the office and cried my eyes out for the better part of an hour. I am done working, my baby "to do" list is done and I am at home all day with my 22 month old. it's the beginning of the day and I am already nuts. just stir crazy, antsy, emotional. I feel like the whole world is happening all around me and I feel LONELY! everyone is working and i guess...
all valid points! yeah, it will be partly about the meaning and partly about the vibe I get when i meet her. I do want to narrow it down a bit. Noura/Nora is beautiful! So fun to name them, huh?
So we are very mixed over here. I am part middle eastern my husband is from India. Thus naming our children has been a bit tricky because we have 3 cultures to consider (at least!). I am looking for something reasonably pronounceable, which they all seem to be to me...but I have a conditioned eye! Here they are: Zhaleh Iman (short would be Zha Zha) Shaia Iman Azara Iman Iman Anahita Other than being pronounceable...what combo do you like? Feel free to send me...
Quote: Originally Posted by snugglebutter My hospital births were very nice. Honestly, it was postpartum that drove me nutty. yeah, that! they just treat everyone like they don't know a thing.....like okay, stick out your arm, here's that rubella shot. what don't you want to give him formula? etc, etc. go home quickly!
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