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I did not continue to leak and so I guess I just really peed my pants. I was so upset. we actually were heading to the hospital and my fav midwife said it didn't sound right, that the amnio fluid has to keep on coming out... now I just have the blues. I am done with taking care of my toddler in this physical state. i have tons of work to do still (professional) and I am just plain old tired. I just cannot tell what is what w/ these fluids anymore. sigh
Hi all, so a few hours ago I blew my nose and had a big gush, like I wet my pants. I checked and it was the normal amount that I am used to when pissing my pants! a little while later I look and it has soaked through my underwear and pants. So I call my midwife and she says go to the hospital if there is any question of my fluid leaking. I am still in doubt. then I call a friend whose water broke and she says it sounds familiar. we are now on our way to the hospital....
it will be interesting to see what it really means...BUT it feels like we are SUPER close. I personally want an aries baby! we have two taurus boys in my house, and I am a fire sign....so would love to have my girl also be fire! even things out a bit! hahaha This means I have to wait until about friday to do it!
just found out I am also 50% effaced and 2cm.....I am due april 1st or 3rd? but my midwife just said make sure it doesn't happen next wednesday! so I guess she thinks I have another week to go. I just know the first time around I was not dilated AT all on the morning of the night I went into labor. so who knows what this means? ripening, sweet ripening!
I am definitely going to take a moon bath that night. I guess it was a new moon then, which often brings out some kind of chaotic energy. Hang in there ladies!
This is all very helpful. According to what everyone is saying, my labor didn't stall, my dilation slowed. I was having full contractions, and thus it was not at all a resting period. I endured the PIT without an epi, which is why I will absolutely decline this next time if it comes up. I like the idea of acupressure and some kind of remedy. Going to find out what homeopathic remedy I can take to go with the Arnica my Dr. recommended. (Homeopathic Dr). Oh, and...
we either put baby to bed on our bed, until he could role and also used the pack and play basinette features early on (until he was 20 lbs. Once we were in bed, sleeping ourselves, we would just co-sleep with him in between us. I felt like the co-sleeper was a bit flimsy and I didn't understand why it was next to the bed only to have a divider between us.
I did it the first time around, came back negative at age 33. I declined it this time around, as well as amnio at 35. My midwife also said the results are often unreliable. You just have to be comfortable with declining, which it sounds like you are!
it's exciting. i am kind of buzzing from the anxiety of it all. I am working until the 26th!! I am hoping to get it all done so I can not work afterwards for a while...or at least a a slower pace (I free-lance). sigh..... I have no signs of an early arrival except a lot of mucus, and that sleeplessness of knowing how much I have to do. Gotta pack. That is my goal for this week (after I hang new drapes in the living room!).
just wanted to say I really like Earth Science products, which are available at Whole Foods. Very reasonable, made with real ingredients. sometimes a hair cut does a world of good for your feeling good.
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