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There are a few of us. :)   I'm American, but I moved to Sweden 11 years ago.  I live way up in the north, outside Skellefteå, with my Swedish husband and our five kids.  Where do you live?
My labors are sort of all over the place.    #1 -- 8 hours #2 -- 17 hours #3 -- 5 hours #4 -- 8 hours #5 -- 18 hours   Also, numbers 1,2, and 4 came "early" and number 3 and 5 were "late."  There's no rhyme or reason that I can see. :)
Oh, I forgot to say that I like it.  A lot.
I would say "meer-o."
I've always loved Elisheva.  Aviva and Yael are nice, too, :)
"Qu" is a "kv" sound in German. :)
Caedan is very much in the Aidan, Brayden, Jayden line to my ears.  Ciaran and Cillian are both nice, I think (though I would spell it with a K -- otherwise it'll never be pronounce correctly).   How about Ian?
Oh, I love Ianto, too!  If my last baby had been a boy, it was high up on my list.    
I LOVE Willa and Hollis.  Seriously love.  
Entirely reasonable.
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