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Sarah has been top contender for me a couple of different times ... if we'd used it, it would have been Sarah Augusta. :)  
We've had this arrangement for ten-plus years and it's worked wonderfully for us.  Our kids have had two full-time at-home parents for their entire lives and it's been invaluable.  Unfortunately, my husband (also a programmer) got laid off last fall and it seems that nobody wants to hire remote workers these days, so he's going to have to start working outside the home within the next several weeks.  It's going to be an enormous adjustment for all of us.
I had something similar this most recent pregnancy and it was HORRIBLE!  I asked my midwife about it and she said I could use the OTC yeast medicine (the cream) and apply it to the itchy areas.  That did help some.
I went to school with a girl named Persephone.  Her nickname was Seph, which I thought was cute.
This really struck my funny bone -- I literally lol'ed. :D
Love it.  Love it big time.   Another name I love that has the same sort of vibe is Archie. :)
One of my baby daughter's middle names is Agda. :)
Oh, I forgot to update here, too!   Yrsa Elinor Agda January 14 at 12:18 am 8lbs9oz, 20" natural, unmedicated hospital birth, attended by husband and midwife
Congratulations!  I agree, what a wonderful birthday!
Yay for the HBAC and congratulations on your new arrival!  Welcome, Arthur!
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