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My husband is a software developer for a well-known open-source database company. The hours are long but the pay is good and he works from home at least 90% of the time which means that he's able to be very involved in day-to-day family life. I'm a SAHM.
Hi, All! I'm Beverly, 31 years old, happily married SAHM to two great kids and expecting #3 in July. I grew up in Idaho, but I've lived in Sweden for the past four years (my husband is Swedish). So far I don't really "feel" pregnant, apart from some very occasional queasiness and being exhausted all the time. My first MW appointment is next Wednesday (the 22nd), so we'll see what she has to say then!
I have the best MIL in the world -- we even moved 500 miles to live down the street from her and my FIL. She's very loving and supportive, always ready and willing to help out in any way we need it. She always embraces the different traditions and customs I have as an immigrant to this country. She has the perfect combination of being interested and involved in our lives without being pushy or intrusive. She is probably the kindest, best person I know. My life would...
I started taking fish oil capsules over a year-and-a-half ago because I had read about a deficiency being linked to neurological problems (I have multiple sclerosis). I take 2000mg daily, and in the time I've been taking it, I haven't had any flare-ups at all, whereas I used to have 3-6 flare-ups every year. I feel like it's been a miracle supplement for me.
I don't know about the pronunciation, but I'd be careful ... it looks a lot like "diarrhea," and that could be a problem.
Sadie is my girl name, but it doesn't have anything to do with the Beatles. I like the Rigby suggestion for a boy. I think something a little more obscure would be better than something like Lennon -- while the name is nice, when you add it to Harrison, it gets a bit campy, I think.
I'm an American living in Sweden with my Swedish husband and our two kids. DD (age 8) is fully fluent in both languages and DS (2) appears to understand both but speaks almost exclusively English. We're doing the "minority language at home" method, which means that we speak English amongst ourselves, and Swedish when we're in a Swedish-speaking environment (with the in-laws, or when Lydia's friends are over, for instance). So far it's working great for us. I agree...
I have the same thing going on right now. My period should have started Aug. 30, but I've had three negative hpt's. I thought my period was starting earlier this evening but it was just a light, brownish discharge ... implantation? At this point I don't even care if it's yes or no, I just want to KNOW! (And I have a nipple thing driving me nuts, too, kooyman!)
I voted for Juliet because it's the "traditional" name of the bunch, and I like those names best. If Jocelyn had been part of the original poll, though, I would have voted for that. I agree that it might not be a good idea to have the names sound too much alike.
I grew up in a naked family and I still like to be naked, but for some reason both of my kids *hate* to be naked. They must get it from my husband, who always has his clothes on. We're still co-sleeping with our youngest and both dh and I wear underpants and the babe wears whatever. I haven't really thought about covering up more yet. My daughter just turned 8 last week and so far she's still fine with me not wearing clothes around her.
New Posts  All Forums: