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I totally understand all your fears and worries, and I know that you'll all be just fine.  Sometimes it helps just to do a brain dump and get it out there ... hope that you're feeling better!
Congratulations!  I love her name. :)
  Me, too.  Ugh. :/   I'm due the 5th, but I usually go the week before (except for that one time I went 11 days over -- and the next person who jokingly reminds me of that gets punched in the face!), so this pregnancy feels extra long even though I could still have a ways to go.  I am so, so tired of it.    
Congratulations!  I can't wit to hear the details! :)
Wow, that is a shocker!  I totally understand that it's going to be a bit of an adjustment -- maybe it's lucky you found out now, instead of in the delivery room.  That would definitely take some getting used to!
Aww, congratulations!  What a sweet little face!
Congratulations!  Such a beautiful birth story!
How wonderful that you have a supportive OB!  I'm sending lots of good labor vibes your way!
I'm not sure what scale they use, either, but it seems to be the same as the one they use here in Sweden ... my level has consistently been in the 90s (though today it was 102 -- woo!), and they want it to be up around 130.  That's not going to happen for me as I'm chronically anemic, but I have found that taking a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C together with my iron supplement does help some.
Oooh, good luck!
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