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I get the same as a lot of other posters. I would just be careful about getting salads at places like mcdonalds and wendys. Some of them have more fat and calories than big macs! You can google any chain ff place and find their nutritional info. Thats whats helped me in making my decisions
I haven't been posting on here in a while, but I'm always reading. I just had to post this b/c I'm so happy and excited! I lost my job a few months ago and have since not been able to find anymore full-time work. I am currently keeping 2 little boys a few days a week and babysitting a ton fri - sun to make ends meet (I'm a NMY, so it's just me I'm supporting). Anyway, I've been wanting to go back to school for medical transcription for a while but I can barely pay the...
wow! I saw this thread and checked out her myspace and I love her voice! I'm off to download the cd from itunes! Thanks for posting this!
3/1: None (sick) 3/2: 60 min body pump class, 60 min yogalates 3/3: 45 min body shaping class 3/4: None 3/5: None 3/6: 30 min spin class 3/7: None (sick) 3/8: None (sick) 3/9: 60 min body pump class 255/1000* *I've changed my goal to 1000 min b/c I've been sick lately and missed several hours of gym time!
3/3: 45 min body shaping class 145/1500
3/2: 60 min body pump class at gym & 60 min yogalates class at gym 120/1500
I graduated from college in august with a certificate in Aesthetics. I worked for a while at a spa about 50 miles away from my home, but got tired of the drive and speding money on gas, so I left there in december. When I went job hunting here in my town (where there are about 5 day spas), all of them told me that bc of the recession their business had dropped so much that not only were they not hiring, but they were having to let many of their current employees go....
Jumping in for the first time in a really long time! I'm going for at least 1500 minutes this month; I've been going to classes at the gym at least 4 or 5 times a week. so this should be pretty realistic. 3/1: 0 - recovering from stomach virus 0/1500
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