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I'm glad to see there are others going as much as I am! This is the first time in my life that exercise has been fun and I'm so glad that I joined! Linda - I've been doing body pump (with the weights) on monday and saturday and then doing body shaping in between, plus yoga 2 - 4 times a week. My sister and I are going to skip body shaping tomorrow and try a beginners spin class
I was diagnosed with migraines about two years ago. For a long time I was taking imitrex(sp?), but then I lost my health insurance and can no longer afford it. Is there anything over the counter or even a natural remedy that can really help? I've been having them a lot lately and the only thing that helps at all is turning all the lights off and getting in bed - which obviously I can't do this during the day so I just have to suffer through it while working. What can I do?...
I'm totally clueless as to what I should be eating before I go to the gym that will help give me energy. Any suggestions?
how often do you go? I joined a gym at the end of january and I am hooked! They offer so many great classes and I'm finding myself trying to get to one almost every day. The friend that talked me into joining goes 4 - 5 times a week, and before I joined I thought that sounded crazy and like she was over-doing it; but now that I'm going I see that you really have to keep it up. I was sick earlier this month and missed classes for a week and when I went back it almost killed...
Duffle Bag: yoga pants t-shirt extra socks sports bra wrap for the sauna headphones (for cardiotheater if I get on the treadmill) shower bag: body wash, shampoo & conditioner, deoderant, razor, shower cap; hair brush lock for locker luna bars/cliff bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Klean Kanteen I fill with water at the gym *no towels needed - gym provides I used to keep lotion for after shower, but now the gym has lotion to use - and it's organic! I know that...
If she liked the Twilight books she will like Stephenie Meyer's other book "The Host". It's just as much as a page turner as the twilight series, and in the end I liked the characters of this book even more than those in twilight (which is saying a lot b/c I LOVED all the characters in twilight!). It's a little slow for the first few chapters (only about 30 pages or so), but after that it's really good! SM's said she is going to make that into a series too!
Update: I'm halfway through book 3 and I'm loving the series! I didn't find book 2 to be very slow, I liked it and went through it pretty quickly bc I couldnt wait to see what was coming next!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I suggest reserving books 2,3, and 4 rather than just book 2! Do you have any friends who own the books who could lend them to you? I think one of my cousins has all the books so I may ask him. I talked to my mom earlier today and told her I was reading them and she said that she had bought the first 4 or 5 hoping my little sister would read them (a few years ago), but she didn't want them so my mom gave...
Well, I finished book 1 Sunday night and I loved it! I can't wait to get started on the next one, but all the copies at the library are out until friday, so I'll have to wait untiil then to start. Oh, and I'm driving my sister (who is anti-potter, like I USED to be) crazy with all of the HP talk! Maybe I can pull her over to the dark side, too!
what's their reasoning behind this? I cannot believe this is true. Reading was the only escape and comfort that I had as a child, I can't imagine taking that away from kids all around the country.
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