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That's wonderful! I'm also overweight, but I recently bought a bike after wanting one for years. It's so fun, and like you said, freeing, to just ride and ride. I'm super excited for you! ETA: You got a bike at the perfect time, b/c in just a month or two it will start being cool at night and bike rides will feel awesome! I have such wonderful memories of riding for hours and hours with the cool wind hitting my face! It's such a fun experience, and you get lots of...
Subbing! I purchased some from Maggies Pureland last week, but they havent arrived yet. I can't wait to get them and try them out!
the little girl i babysit ate sand at the RIVER (gross!) on saturday, and she still has super-sandy poop as well.
Well, when I was 19 - 22 I kept a little boy full-time in his home b/c the parents had the exact same problems that you are having. B/c I was young (but I was VERY experienced in childcare, and very responsible), they didn't pay me near as much as they would have if he was in daycare. Maybe you could find someone who would be willing to sit for your ds in your home that would follow your wishes and also provide loving care for him.
I get ABC, NBC, CBS, and our local channel. I don't get FOX. I'm in Alabama
Mine was "Take on Me" by A-Ha Not sure what that says about me?
can I wash my cloth pads with these?
yay! I had been looking for this thread but couldn't find it! I got sooo many wonderful ideas from it last year!
Quote: Originally Posted by earthgirl Good lord! 8 TVs? Well no wonder she thinks you can't arrange your furniture w/out the TV being the focal point. Wow, 8 TVs... I know! She has 3 children - they all have a t.v. in their bedrooms (they are ages 18 months, 3, and 6); one in her bedroom; one in the living room; one in the kids playroom; one in the kitchen, and one in the basement (which she has so the kids can watch tv while she's down there...
I just saw this too! Most of what I use from them in in the 0 or 1 category, but it seems that the foundation/powder I use, and the blush are rating a 3! But, when I did a search to find make-up that had scores lower than 3 I only got about 2 companies and all the products under a 3 were lip & eye colors, no powders or blushes. :
New Posts  All Forums: