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Does anyone have the link to the thread from last year about making homemade holiday gifts? I tried searching but couldn't find it. It had tons of ideas for simple, cheap, and homemade gifts that I think everyone here could really find inspiration from.
Quote: Originally Posted by takebirthback In Mississippi everyone has ceiling fans practically. It's a must have! : I'm in alabama & I don't think I've ever seen a house that didn't have ceiling fans. If I didn't have them I'd have to have the AC going from april to october with the heat & humidity the way it is here. I agree with pp's as long as it's safely installed and not wobbling, it's safe to use.
I don't even have children yet and I get crap from ppl all the time about not having a t.v. I'm about to move out into a new apartment and everyone I know has asked me if I want an old t.v. they've got, or if I want one for graduation (I'm finally done with college!). I just tell them no and leave it at that. I actually had a friend who asked me how I was going to arrange my furniture without a T.V. as a focus point.: Seriously, everyone asks me all the time what I "do"...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy13 I guess I did not know enough to know that it was stained...LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by SachaMacina lash extensions tend to be $250-$300, I looked..... yeah, we were offered the chance to attend the class for this in school (im in an Esthetics program), but I passed. They do look great, if you like that look (i don't really), but even if I did I would never put that glue that is used anywhere near my eyes. I just don't do stuff with chemicals like that. As far as anal bleaching goes, one of our...
I saw thison Sara's (Delight) flickr site and loved it! You could use any metal surface, like the tray, to make this. Also, you could just stick the magnetic spice containers onto the side of your fridge. I'm not sure where to get the magnetic spice holders, but you could prob. do a google search and find some
I hadn't seen this thread in a long time, but I just finished reading through the whole thing! I had forgotten I had ever posted in here! Thanks to all who have posted, I've made many of the recipes from here and they've all been delicious!
Quote: Originally Posted by time machine For eyeliner I can suggest loreal eyeliner is best Iam using it these days it is very nice and for mascara mayebelline. Lipsticksyo can go for revolon or loreal. Both have nice shades avialable. the OP was asking for natural make-up options, so while these may work well, they are not natural by any means. As for mascara, I still havent' found one that works well that is natural or organic. Luckily for...
well, I'm not really sure about all of the options, but I use mineral make-up from Everyday Minerals. They are all natural (no fillers, chemicals, parabens, etc.) and I love it! They don't specifically sell eyeliner, you buy the eye color you want and apply with a thin brush like eyeliner. It works wonderfully for me and it's very light. Their lip colors are wonderful and come in the form of sticks or as glosses in little pots. You can also use any of their cheek colors as...
all of the above ideas are wonderful! I know that I had the best summers growing up b/c my parents just let us outside and allowed us to explore and be creative. My best memories as a child are of me and my sister camping in the back yard for days at a time, and of me sitting under shade trees with a huge stack of library books and a picnic lunch! Oh, and btw, I still love to do half of the above mentioned activities!
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