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Quote: Originally Posted by kymholly Gosh, Supra, so cool of you to revive my lil' love thread!!!: : : Hey now! I'm the one that posted a link to this thread in HK's love thread! People were asking what all the jello pit and McMen talk was about, so I directed them here! Supra ~ Are you out of your mind? I would never want Arnie digging our jello pit. I've been afraid of him ever since I saw that photo of him at the beach in a speedo last year.
I think someone should see what's going on. In the last few days I've seen at least 4 posters who had under 50 posts and had joined in sept. or october. One poster had only 4 posts and had joined only a few days prior to their TAO posting. I don't really have a big problem with it, but if there are rules about this then I think they should be followed. Also, I've seen threads before in TAO where posters had friends/family members who joined and were trying to read their...
Oh yes, I'm sick of them! The worst one if for someone who's running for a state office. It goes something like: "Liberal (they say the word liberal before her name every single time) X is agaisnt George Bush and agaisnt our troops. Guess who Liberal X supported in the last election? John Kerry! Heck, (and yes, they really did say heck in the commercial) she even wrote him a personal check! Liberal X doesn't care about our values. X is too liberal for alabama! Vote...
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz I like it, and I'm not a mama or mommy or mom to anyone! : I sometimes call ppl mama - usually posters that I "know" more than others. I'm not a mama yet, but I like it when some ppl here call me mama anyway (a lot of ppl use the word mama when giving itrader ratings in the trading post).
I say go for it! It will be wonderful for her to see her hero in person. Maybe it will even help her through recovery after surgery - she can tell all the nurses and docs about meeting her hero and show the pics. you take.
Quote: Originally Posted by kimbernet Here is the company profile from Hoover's: Corn the size of a Trident missile? Not quite, but Monsanto is all about bioengineered crops. Monsanto helps farmers grow more crops by applying biotechnology and genomics to herbicides and seeds. Its flagship product, Roundup, is the world's #1 herbicide. Monsanto also produces genetically altered seeds (cotton, corn, soybean, and canola) that tolerate Roundup and resist...
MITB ~ I you!!! I value your opinion so much! You have taught me so much, and didn't even know it! I wanna be like MITB when I grow up!!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by oliversmum2000 i'm sorry but whose house is it? either they gave it to you or they didnt. they cannot after doing that treat it like a hotel for everybody who doesnt fit into their house. : So, you live in a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house with your husband and your 6 kids, plus you're 30 weeks pg., and your mil expects you to house 2 people for 5 weeks with less than 24 hour notice? What??? : I would tell her to...
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 Soo...sorta on topic, remember baby Kharlotte? I was wondering if anyone else had named their baby Kharlotte, so I was googling, and came across a site where Kharlotte's mom said that they changed it to Kharlette. Because somebody pronounced Kharlotte as "Karate". can that child not catch a break? :
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty Nope not a typo - that's what they call it! I think it's supposed to mean that chimps would dig eating it, not that you should include chimps in the recipe oh, that makes sense.
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