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hello! I haven't posted on MDC in a while but I am almost due with #2 and have some nursing ?'s I did not end up nursing ds because of very bad advice from my LC, no milk and basically just because I didn't know what was happening. Nursing this new bbay is so very important to me. With ds the LC told me not to nurse at all & only pump until my nipples healed (they started to crack right away). So I pumped for a week and nothing ever came out.....I would get like...
I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))
Quote: We are going to stay overnight in NYC with the baby! Order room service in and ring in the New Year in style. We can't wait! Now that sounds like a great New Years! Last year ds was 2 months old so we were asleep by 11pm. I have no idea what we are doing this this year.
We go Saturday and I can't wait. Dh is like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning!
I think I am alot like my parents. My mom BF, she CD only because disposables were very new and expensive. We did get spanked very seldomly but their overall phiolosphy was gentle discipline. My mom didn't CIO. She is a very gentle, loving person. I think I get alot of my parenting values form her. The one thing I know I picked up from her is the dislike of people calling their kids names and talking down to them. I hate that. She did do alot of the medical stuff...
Great ideas thanks!! I am making a trip to Whole Foods today!
Thanks for the tips. I guess I am doing ok since I give him most of those things. I'll to try a re-introduce avacoda since he wasn't too thrilled with it. I was so exicted to give him eggs and he doesn't like them. Maybe in a few months. The Whole Foods stuff sounds great. I was thinking about buying some of their frozen stuff for quick meals but then I feel quilty about it being frozen. I love Whole Foods. He does LOVE beans. Everyone thinks I am weird giving...
DS eats well, but not a lot at one time so I constantly need to feed him which is not a problem. I just have no imagination when it comes ot food. I am a picky eater and hate to cook. Does anyone have some ideas on things I can keep handy as snacks or mini meals? I am looking for calorie dense foods since he is such a nibbler. He is 13 months. Thanks!
Hugs......She just needs to get a grip. OMG I feel so bad for these kids being locked in their rooms and their cries being unaswered. They are forever going to have trust issues. I don't have advice just hugs. Is she a really good friend? I would be tempted to tell her exactly what I thought and end the friendship then and there. To me this is abuse. I just feel so bad for you and the little boy. Good luck and lots of strength in finding the right path to...
Thanks Lee! I guess I should have figured that out, but it seemed too simple HA HA!
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