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Estimations aren't necessarily accurate. I was looking forward to the 9+ pounder the midwife estimated. I ended up with a little peanut that wasn't even 7 pounds and a huge placenta. Don't let them force you into anything.
Get everyone their own little plastic basket for bath things (shampoo, etc), other personal products, and toothbrushes. If there's room, store them in the little cabinets. Otherwise, they can store them in their own rooms and bring them in to use. Towels to the linen closet. Try to keep one shelf available for extra soap and the like. What else do you usually store in the bathroom?
Try to get her up and moving. Lying down usually will make it worse if she's in pain. The more she walks, the sooner she'll have the baby. Gravity will help the baby out, if nothing else. If you can, get some old towels ready in case the baby pops abruptly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Not to mention people of Carribean descent- they're black, but they're not African Americans! And how about people from North Africa, who are "African" but more "brown" than "black"? Or a white person who recently emigrated from any African country? Sometimes, "politically correct" terminology moves too far away from logic. Ah, but it's possible to be an American of Caribbean descent! My family is from...
I'd get the little case or something for them to keep it in when it's not in use. Then if they lose it, remind them that it's not my job to keep track of their things. At least that's what I keep telling DH when he loses something. He's doing better once I gave him a basket to keep keys and things in.
I get these little 4oz jars from the Container Store that are just the right height for my kitchen drawers. Label goes on the top of the jar, then into the drawer label-side up. The drawers are on either side of the stove, so it's very convenient while cooking. Extra spices, I leave those in the bulk bags. All the bags are in a basket in the pantry. I refill the jars on Friday afternoons while cleaning the kitchen. We go to the spice merchant about once a month for a...
I don't care for the term "African-American", personally. It's not accurate. No one in my family has set foot on the African continent in at least 300 years, possibly close to 400. We were on this side of the pond before the United States existed or was even thought of. Mine isn't the only family for whom this is true, either. How about "person of African descent" if you don't want to use "black" or "person of colour"?
I'm overweight by most modern standards, and I assure you I went into labor of the kid's own accord. Start to finish, active labor was a full 40 minutes. Then she shot out. The kid did all the work. I presume an induction and other medical interventions would have taken longer?
I bought a little doohicky to blow them out first, and we'll be using natural homemade dyes. Why waste the eggs? :
If someone starts doing that around me, I just ask if I missed to memo about being back in high school. If you can't talk to her about how hurtful it is, she's not much of a friend.
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