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I'd say that if it's not broken, don't fix it. Someone may be looking for 70s counters and such, and even if they aren't, they may not like your taste in new counters. It breaks my heart to see someone decide list a house with original counters/fixtures/what have you and start by 'updating' all the original stuff. The husband and I call it "remuddling", if that gives you ideas. I had my eye on a bungalow (1920s) a few blocks away until I found out they'd "updated" all the...
You might want to try some witch hazel. That works a treat when I start coming up in hives. Get the BIG bottle and trickle it on. You also might want to try some of the Burt's Bees hand salve after the witch hazel. Apply it in in a wide area over and around the afflicted parts and it'll help heal up your skin after that.
Do your kids like gnomes? I'm making some friends for DD's gnomes (insects and maybe a small animal or two), and I got some of those wooden arches to paint into a rainbow. I've been sick, so time permitting I'm also hoping to make some play food. She should have something besides fruit and eggs.
If your daughter is anything like mine, she won't touch it. I swear, my kid can tell which "food" has the non-food crap in it and she refuses to eat it. She says it's yucky and pushes it aside.
My system: If it's really junk, pitch or recycle immediately. If it's something I can use, I keep it and put it to use. If it's sellable, I post it for sale in one of my venues. If it's not sellable but is otherwise useable, it goes to Freecyle or Craigslist. If there's no takers within a couple of days, it gets bagged and donated to one of the local veteran's groups the following weekend. I've done 75+ bags of stuff from my mother's house with this method...
I can relate. I'm going through the same thing with my mother and her house full of stuff. It's quite depressing to be trying to clean up and keep finding boxes that have been on that spot since the late 1960s. Or something she bought 10+ years ago that was never opened or used, that she somehow needs to hang on to. Today's discovery was that she was watering the plants regularly. This wouldn't be problem, except for the fact that, out of the 11 pots, only two contained...
I guess you've never seen how tiny glass shards can be. I used to do glass work, and when I'd clean out the grinder, I'd have it full of these super-fine sand particles. There were so fine that I couldn't pick up just one grain, even with tweezers. Unless you have a very fine strainer, they'd go right through and stay in your food. If you think that's fine for your family, go right ahead. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Kids don't need a lot of toys. If you've got something open-ended that they enjoy playing with, you're good. My mother keeps bringing over one-hit wonders, and after a day or two, they're getting pushed aside in favour of legos or play kitchen stuff or gnomes. So, out they go. I'm not cluttering up the house because someone thinks we don't have enough toys. I like being able to see the floor, thank you.
At the moment I have about a dozen shirts, four skirts, several pullovers and cardigans, three 'nicer' dresses, and one formal dress. We're in a four-season climate, so some of this stuff is different weights I can layer to suit the weather. There's one small box of odds and ends for mucky jobs. I have six pairs of shoes: lined boots, unlined boots, shoes, sandals, house slippers, and really cruddy shoes for the next time my mother's basement floods. Unless we're moving...
According to the midwife, she was just short of 41 weeks. According to her actual date of conception (which the midwife wouldn't listen to) and the consensus of the medical professionals who saw her right after she was born, she was about 37 weeks.
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