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The current place, they asked about it at the first visit. I told them we don't vaccinate, they put a note in the file, and that was that. The constant pressure was one of many reasons we are no longer at the previous ped office.
We've been starting to go back and forth about this. There's so many children who need a good home. If we go through with it, we would definitely want an older child from a disadvantaged area. Anyone will take a baby, but the older kids get passed over. That just breaks my heart. But then, we're also the sort who go to animal shelters and ask about which cat has been there the longest.
You can use it as a side item (prepare like rice, more or less). You can use it in soup. If you have a grain mill, make flour and use it up. Leftover barley makes a good pudding, too. I think I have a recipe around here for barley candy, but I haven't tried it yet.
Given the temps you list, I'd eat it. That's cold enough. Honestly, even wealthy people didn't usually have an icebox until the 20s. I assure you that leftovers were eaten up the next day (or so) without being refrigerated.
I think ours is trying to phase out the bulk area. A few months back, they went over two months without restocking the oats. The manager tried to tell me it was an issue with their supplier, and why didn't I just go to the cereal aisle and buy a bag of Bob's Red Mill oats (at several times the cost)? : If they do away with the bulk, that's about it for us shopping there. All we buy from there lately is bulk and shampoo and a couple of things from the baking aisle.
Somehow, our cats have developed a habit of destroying anything I find inappropriate. You know ... "What happened to such and such?" "Oh, the cat must have carted it off/destroyed it/puked on it," I say blandly while standing in front of a large bag destined for the local charity. Inappropriate clothes get outgrown quickly (within a wear or two, usually). It just makes things easier. Fortunately she doesn't get attached to plastic stuff; she likes the toys I make...
I've got winter stuff up. Yeah, that's it. The big tree is down and the mini village, but Clauses are still on the hearth with some random winter gnomes and some light flashers. I was going to change everything out for spring stuff last weekend, but due to snow and other issues, it's still sitting there. Maybe this weekend?
Othello. Otto is the nickname, but you can use it as a stand-alone.
I took my then three week old to the auto show. It was great. If you're going to the Chicago one, there's seats in the food area (upstairs near the center on the south side of the show) and also on the north side near the demo area there's bleachers. There's also some seating areas outside the show (another food court and such). Also, I'd suggest paying for the indoor parking instead of the lot. Less of a walk to get inside.
One of my great-grandmothers made her own butter, slaughtered their chickens, cooked huge meals daily, and birthed at least ten children that I know of while her husband was away at sea for most of the year. They lived in a port city in a warm climate, so they didn't have to preserve much food -- there was always something arriving in the marketplace. I'm checking around with relatives, but I believe this is also the same great-grandmother who made her own fine lace in...
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