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Bread-like items go in the breadbox. Fruit goes in the bottom of the pantry unless it's something I don't want ripe right away. Veggies not for immediate consumption go in the fridge; I take those out and leave them on the counter the day I plan to use something.
THings are expensive in New Work, and worse elsewhere in the world. Before he got divorced and moved to DC, my BIL and his now-ex wife were paying over $2000 a month for a one bedroom in NY. The ex-wife moved to London and was paying (in US dollars) $3500 a month for a two bedroom -- split with one housemate. She just came back to the States, I suspect because she couldn't afford to keep up the other place. We're in the poor side of town of a wealthy neighbourhood...
Cute. Too bad it doesn't work for non-Mendelian colours. Too many variables, I suppose. My eyes are brown-flecked dark green, and the husband's are bluish-green. The toddler 'caught' my father's grey eyes.
What's on the wall? Wallpaper? Paint? Baking soda paste for a semi-matte or matte paint. If it's high-gloss, dip a rag in vinegar and rub the spot a bit; it'll come right off. I don't know about wallpaper (we don't have any).
If you're not ready yet, wait. You can always donate later. I know I can't deal with more than one small bag of my father's stuff at a time. Then I put the rest by and deal with another bag a few days later. Some stuff I keep re-bagging for later because I can't deal with sorting it yet (mostly photos and his papers).
Quote: Originally Posted by tinybutterfly I would think you could use it the same as you would chicken in any recipe. That. The texture and taste are so similar, I think that's your best bet. So -- rabbit pot pie, rabbit stew, rabbit in a biscuit, fried rabbit, rabbit cutlets, rabbit and dumplings. Go for it! : Lucky you. I love rabbit and hardly ever get to have it.
I've got the kid who had no interest in solid food until she was 15 months old. She wanted nothing to do with it until she was good and ready. We got the same spiel from her ped starting even before 6 moths. By twelve months, I was tired of repeating that she would start solid food when she was interested. When I told him that I wasn't going to force feed her, he threatened to call DCFS on us for starving her. Because, you know, breastmilk couldn't possibly be enough for...
I have what might be best termed a hyperactive immune system. It's a hostile environment. I only got pregnant because I had a bad allergic reaction and was coming off a steroid that shut off my immune system for several months. They didn't warn me about that possible side effect. After several (early) m/c before this one kid stuck, it's highly unlikely we're having another one. I'm still working on "okay with it". I think it's fine for a while, and then someone...
Tell her she can name her own personal toys anything she likes, but leave your daughter's alone. Nothing wrong with "Cutie Pie". We have a teddy bear named "Uh-oh" because she drops him when she gets distracted. And every.single.one of the Lego minifigs is "Guy".
It's funny what kids notice. For what it's worth: We have a multi-racial/multi-ethnic family going here. My (very blonde) daughter has a marked preference for dark-skinned men. So, when her grandfather and her uncle visit, she's thrilled to pieces. She's equally thrilled to see photos of my nephew's little boy who is part Asian. But she also takes great delight in pointing out that she has my mother's same hair colour. She knows people look different, I guess. I'd...
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